My Stay at Motel One Manchester

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

When I went to Manchester for the Restora event, I had booked myself into Motel One for 2 nights. It seemed reasonably priced at £69 per night on a room only basis. Breakfast can be added at £9.50 per day. It was located right opposite Manchester Picadilly train station and only a 10 minute walk from the Nicky Oliver Salon for the event.

Upon arrival I walked into the biggest and bluest reception, bar, seating area I had ever seen! I instantly knew I would like this place and whilst checking in this was confirmed because the lady whom I spoke to was ever so lovely and helpfully gave me a map, highlighting certain features along the way so I had an idea of where to go and what to see should I choose to.

Once all checked in I headed upto my room; the lifts were helpfully located just to the right of reception and one quickly came to take me up. As usual, I had trouble getting the card to open the door but I like to think everyone has this niggle and stands there going “I'm sure I've got the right floor and room number, so why isn't it working...!?”. Anyway, after a few goes I was soon in and starting to get settled.

The room card also acted as the key for the lights and air con which also means that it doesn't get lost and you don't walk out of the room without it.....handy ay?! My room was a double-bed with en-suite with a nice view of the building next door! Not to worry, I simply pulled the curtains to and got on with my life!

The room itself was quite small, with the bed taking up most of the room inside but Motel One are clever and have ingeniously located two clothing rails; one above the full length mirror (note: on the left hand side of the mirror, there was a plug socket and also on the wall behind, next to the bathroom door – handy for drying your hair!) and another in the recess to the right hand side of the bed, with spare pillows also residing here. Motel One have what they call a 'pillow menu', a harder one for those who sleep on their side and a softer one for the back sleepers. Personally I didn't like the harder one but I did like having the choice. The blue from the reception area was carried through into the rooms with a blue throw across the bed and a smaller grey and blue throw pillow.

In the recess to the left hand side of the bed, behind a hinged door was the kettle and tea/cofee making facilities. (On top of here, there was a hairdryer inside its own drawstring bag.) Motel One have definitely made the most of space here and the door makes a handy place on which to place the cups whilst you're making refreshments. The only downside here is that there isn't anywhere nearby to place your used teabags! The nearest (and only bin!) being in the bathroom! There is space inside in which to place a small bin which would make this process easy and less messy. Also, there weren't any biscuits!

Next to the window under the wall mounted television, live a desk and power sockets making it the perfect place to charge up your electricals. The little wooden desk can be moved around to put you in the perfect, most comfortable position from which to work. Although I do wonder where exactly you would put it, with the room being so tight for space!

A moment to note that on each side of the bed there are two sockets, one English and one European; handy if you're travelling and haven't quite had time to buy the right charger! But quite where you would put your phone when charging on the left hand side of the bed I have no idea as the floor seems the only option, apart from maybe the footstool of the chair which resides next to the window on this side of the bedroom. But to have one on each side is appreciated. Nothing worse than having to share plug sockets or for the only socket to be far away from the bed! We all know we love to lie in bed and scroll through social media!

The bathroom is small but perfectly formed and has everything you need in which to refresh yourself; waterfall shower, free standing sink and toilet. The door opens outwards thus saving further space. The supplied toiletries smell very good and are pleasant to use. The only downside is that there isn't much space to place your own toiletries as the sink rather takes up a lot of room! You could place them on the unit behind the toilet but this isn't ideal and there is a big waste of space underneath the sink with no shelves/drawers here at all. Even just one shelf here worked around the plumbing would have been useful!

The bed itself is comfortable and I really loved having a double all to myself! The wall mounted television is at the right height for comfortable in bed viewing and contains all the channels you would expect, as well as featuring a screensaver of a real wood fire which even crackles! Not seen that before..! There is free wifi throughout Motel One and your unique code is given to you at check in. I had no problems connecting or whilst using it on both my laptop and my Android phone.

This was my first stay in a Motel One but it will not be my last. With chains located all over not only the UK, but Europe and worldwide, there really isn't any reason not to!

Love, Sarah


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