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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Welcome to Australia’s best-loved country town

Corazon Books is delighted to be publishing a series of novels based on the much-loved Australian TV drama A Country Practice. For over a decade, millions of TV viewers from Australia to Zimbabwe tuned in each week to follow the lives and loves of the people in the small country town of Wandin Valley. The action centred on the towns Bush Nursing Hospital; the doctors and nurses who worked there; and the community it served. The programme was a hit because of its mixture of drama and comedy, and the likeable characters whose stories it told. Regular cast members included Shane Withington and Georgie Parker (who now play John and Roo in Home and Away), and some of the guest characters were played by young actors who went on to international fame, such as Nicole Kidman and Delta Goodrem.

Now, Corazon Books brings you to three heart-warming books based on the show, starting with A Country Practice: New Beginnings. It introduces readers to young married couple Molly and Brendan Jones, who swap life in the big city for a new start in the country. There, they meet the colourful characters who soon become an important part of their lives.

Terence Elliott is the town’s respected doctor, but despite his calm exterior, there is more to him than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Simon Bowen, the new doctor in town, is trying to win the trust of the tight knit locals. He also has his eye on young vet Vicky Dean. But so far, all his efforts to impress her have been in vain! Police sergeant Frank Gilroy isn’t having any better luck with Vicky’s mum, Shirley. She is a divorced free spirit, and doesn’t want to settle down again. Frank isn’t going to give up easily though.

Meanwhile, a teenager clashes with her father over an unsuitable boyfriend, a pregnant woman is hiding from her husband, and a serious car accident reveals a surprising secret about two of the town’s residents. Life is certainly never dull in Wandin Valley!

Award-winning Australian author Judith Colquhoun, who wrote 100 episodes of A Country Practice, has written this new series of books. Judith says: When I was approached to write these books, I realised that it was over twenty years since my last visit to Wandin Valley. The memories came flooding back and it didn’t take me long to say ‘yes’. My years writing for Jim Davern at JNP [who produced A Country Practice] had given me some of my happiest, most satisfying experiences as a scriptwriter.

We had such a good team to work with on A Country Practice, we were all most definitely rowing the same boat, even freelance writers like myself felt part of it. Of course there were tears and tantrums but everyone gave it their best and we achieved two hours of quality television a week for more than a decade. Not bad.

And most of all, it was terrific to work on a show that – it seemed – the whole of Australia, indeed large parts of the known world, absolutely loved.

So going back to Wandin Valley – reading the old scripts, looking at DVDs of the very early shows, has been like visiting a family of half-forgotten friends I hadn’t seen for years, and getting to know them all over again. I hope in writing the books that I have done them justice. It’s been a labour of love.
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