Restora Launch Party Manchester.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Last month I went to Manchester for the Restora launch party and I wanted to tell you about it. Restora are a new brand to the haircare world and are destined to change the way our hair feels and how we treat it, all in a simple conditioning treatment.
Restora are a haircare brand, exclusively sold online and consists of a shampoo, conditioner and protein shot treatment, all sold in a handy set for £39.99. Rest assured that Restora is a cruelty free treatment which leaves your hair feeling so soft you will be unable to stop touching it or asking others to, simply because you can't believe the change....or is that just me?! (Plus it also smells AMAZING!) Read their story here.
Photo Credit +pixietenenbaum 

Anyway, the launch party was held at the Nickly Oliver Salon in Manchester and I was very excited to attend because I had never been there before and was excited to get to my hotel and get ready for my night out happy that I was due to meet Kayleigh at the event.

When I arrived I was greeted by the friendly team at Reception who asked my name, took my jacket and handed me a glass of fizz! Kayleigh was already there and had already been taking about 100 pictures, which wasn't hard because the whole salon had been totally transformed into a blogger's Instagram dream. Think all pinks, with the most gorgeous filled balloons everywhere. I don't think I've ever taken so many Instagram pictures of an event was just perfect! There was even a live DJ pumping out the tunes! Definitely one of the best events I have ever been to..! The event was also raising money for the NorthWest Air Ambulance and so there were raffle tickets on offer at £2 so naturally I bought (read donated) £20 to be in with a good chance at winning some of the prizes on offer; including a year's supply of the Restora Haircare set!

After a while spent drinking, photographing everything in sight and catching up with Kayleigh, we were told to make our way downstairs where we would meet the team behind the Restora brand and were given a talk on what exactly Restora was and how it worked. Apparently it's all to do with the proteins binding to the cuticles of the hair shaft and changing the structure....a bit too scientific for me but the truth's in the pudding as they say....!

Restora Protein Treatment is a unique formula enriched with Cystine, a multi-patented ingredient base on protein science, rebuilding the internal structure, restoring strength, elasticity and shine. It can also be used after bleaching or colouring your hair and results last upto six weeks.”
(FT a photo from Pixie Tenenbaum)

To use:

1) Wash hair with any shampoo and towel dry, for optimim results use Restora Protein Shampoo.

2) Apply Restora Protein Treatment using your fingers. Target most damaged sections and gently massage throughout the hair. Make sure that your hair is completely and evenly covered.

3) Cover with hair with a plasic cap (included in the set) and heat using a hairdryer for 15-20 minutes until hair begins to dry. Hold the hairdryer 15cm away from your hair and work in a continuous motion.

4) Rinse well. DO NOT SHAMPOO!

5) Apply a moisturising conditioner and wash off. For optimum results use Restora Protein Conditioner.

6) Dry and style your hair as normal.

7) Do not shampoo for 24hours.

To say that the change in the model's hair left it feeling completely different was an understatement. The change was incredible. So silky soft and smooth, I couldn't wait to try it out for myself!

Whilst the treatment had been left to work on the model we had been treated to another fabulous set from the in house DJ, had more drinks and were served some fabulous canapes which were all delicious, especially the salted caramel tarts! Restora had also set up a braid bar and we all got our hair braided by the lovely girls at the station, I couldn't believe she managed to put one on my hair, but here we are:

The raffle also took place as well as spot prizes for the being the most active on social media! Kayleigh won herself some Tommy Girl perfume which I was so happy about because I had remarked earlier in the night that it had been one I'd had when I was a teenager! So I was thrilled that she'd get to try it out for herself. Due to my generous donation earlier in the night, I ended up winning two prizes in the raffle, both 1st and 2nd prizes I could not believe it! Talk about luck! I walked away a very happy girl that night!

We were also kindly gifted a goody bag which contained Restora Shampoo, Conditioner, Protein Shot treatment, plastic cap, sticker photo frame, mug and two lenses for your mobile phone/camera! Awesome! Thank You to the team for putting this together for us all!

All in all I had a fabulous time at the #RestoraMyHair Event and am very grateful to the team for inviting me and Kayleigh for keeping me company!

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