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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

"...A thought suddenly occurs to Emily. A memory from the past. She shivers as if an icy draught has blown over her. She has buried all that. It isn’t meant to resurface. It can’t be her. She tries to push the suspicion out of her head. But it would make sense. It would explain the sleeping problems and the memory gaps. It might even explain the unexpected desire for an alcoholic drink. All this is so unlike Emily. She hasn’t been feeling herself, but surely that’s normal given the circumstances? No, it’s not her. She doesn’t exist..." (Chapter 7)

About the book: 

 Emily Klein doesn’t know she has killed her husband until the day of his funeral.
At first, signs point to a tragic accident. Yet, as Emily pieces together the events before his death – events which led to her own memory loss – she begins to suspect that her husband’s death may have been the result of more than a terrible twist of fate…
But the accident is only the beginning. Because while Emily’s physical scars will heal, the trauma of the accident has awakened old ghosts. She hears strange sounds, catches things that can’t possibly be there in the corner of her eye. Before long, everywhere she looks, she seems to see her husband.
And suddenly, Emily finds herself asking the most dangerous question of all.
Can she really trust herself?


Diane Jeffrey grew up in North Devon. She lives in Lyon, France with her husband and their three children, black Labrador and kitten.
THOSE WHO LIE is her debut psychological thriller.
Diane is an English teacher. She hates marking and Mondays. When she's not working or writing, she likes swimming, running and reading. She loves chocolate, beer and holidays.
Above all, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.
Readers can follow Diane on Twitter @dianefjeffrey
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