You Are NOT Enough.......

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

For years I've been told I'm not enough. Not tall enough, not fit enough, not fast enough, not slim enough, not cool enough, just not ENOUGH. Let me tell you that I AM ENOUGH. And so are you. It's taken me so long to finally understand that, to appreciate the body I do have and see where it can take me.

It can take me to Australia, to the middle of nowhere working on a cattle ranch, helping in the muster, seeing new life brought into the world and sadly seeing it leave. But always being enough. Enough of a help to a family struggling in the drought, enough of a help to a bitch birthing nine puppies, enough of a help to just be.
It can take me on a 3 week tour down the west coast of Australia. It can take me on all day hikes, down to natural pools, across rocks, backwards down rockfaces and up again. Up long staircases to the top of a waterfall for an incredible view. And back down again to cook dinner.
It can take me a horse ranch where it helps me train two unhandled fillies who become soft, respectful and calm under my instruction. It can help a foal in his first few months of life to understand humans can be lovely. It can give almost invisible directions to these fillies and have them respond instantly. It can learn to be enough just as it is. It can flourish and become more. Be more than it ever thought possible and start to break down barriers previously thought of as impossible.

It can take me running 4K around the Stray in just over 30 minutes twice a week. It can go to running club every week and try to run can go running solo when one session is missed. It feels exhilarating to know you CAN do this and you ARE ENOUGH already. Without anything extra. Just a pair of trainers. Making exercise a priority and looking after the body that has done so much. Feeling good feels good.

It can take me everywhere. Anywhere. Any time. I am enough and I always have been. I didn't need to trek halfway across the world to find out but it certainly helped. It doesn't matter what you're like today, yesterday, tomorrow or next week. Right now, you, me, everyone, is ENOUGH. Enough to go get that job you're valued for, enough to get that promotion, enough to get that kick ass brand collaboration. Enough to be paid the full amount for that bomb ass blog post you just produced. Enough to get everything you ever wanted and more. It's taken me a while to finally realise this but once you do, it's the best feeling ever. Don't let anyone put you down because their light isn't yet illuminated. Help them, show them they too are enough, inspire others and become even more.
Remember, you ARE ENOUGH. Always have been, always will be.
Love, Sarah

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