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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Well hello seems odd to be writing this post now because it should have gone up ages, about 3 weeks ago....! Oopppss!! If I say the words, laptop, wine and clumsy you may just get an idea of what happened and why I have been absent from the blog!! But thank the laptop gods (and my Mum!) because I now have a working laptop again! One we thought was dead and might have to go to the laptop repair shop...! I honestly have no idea how she did it but boy am I glad she did! Back to blogging again! WWOOOO!!! 

Anyway, onto the reason for this post, Dr Paw Paw balms. I'm sure by now (and by the lateness of this post!) you know that recently Dr paw paw gained their official PETA badge to show that all their balms are cruelty free! This isn't a new thing, as they always have been, but to have it made official? Well that's something worth shouting about!

All of their balms, from original to the new limited edition red sparkle all now share this logo and can happily say with confidence that they save the bunnies! Yay!

Not only that but all Dr Paw Paw balms are made in Great Britain, contain natural ingredients, are free of alcohol, non irritating and paraben free! Use it for everything from chapped lips, to dry skin, taming wayward eyebrows, nourishing nails and cuticles, protect and prevent split ends and calm nappy rash. It really is a multi-tasker in a tube! 

I have been using the original balm for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it! I use it as a lip balm, on my cuticles and on a patch of dry skin i have on my hand; in every sense it has worked wonders and left my skin feeling nourished, soft and protected. I swear the dry patch has improved dramatically since I first used it, becoming softer and less hard over time. I expect with continued usage it will disappear altogether! My cuticles have also benefited and been left softer after application too! I urge you to try it if you haven't already because it is by far the best lotion I have ever used for my lips and dry hands.

Dr Paw Paw has also recently launched their Limited Edition Red Sparkle Balm which provides a hint of glitter alongside all the incredible benefits of their award winning Ultimate Red Formula! What could be better for adding a touch of something something to your lips/eyes/cheeks than this?! You already know it's good for your skin so what more are you waiting for?! I personally haven't tried this out yet, but I know from swatching it that it gives incredible pay off and will leave you sparkling all night long! 

Their tinted ultimate red balm formula is just like their original balm but with a 'hint of tint' so you can create that 'just bitten' look on lips and not feel you're wearing too much. This would be perfect for youngsters just starting out in make up or for teenagers at school who want to wear make up but for obvious reasons they cannot. It's just enough of a tint without being obvious about it. I know I don't have a swatch picture of it but I can confirm that this tinted balm is not sticky and smoothes out to give a subtle colour. It would be perfect as a cream blusher as well as a lip balm. 

The peach tinted balm is just as beautiful and is equally non sticky and smooth as the red balm. It was in fact their first tinted balm cleverly adapting to your own skin tone it can be applied more liberally to give more colour. I am excited to start using this now that Spring has made its appearance finally!

Petrolatum is perfectly safe to use as it is put through a number of purification processes which are strictly controlled resulting in their products containing only pharma card grade petrolatum with absolutely no trace impurities. No proven health problems have been associated with its use. So you can rest assured that with every swipe you are protecting your lips and nails! Brilliant if you ask me. 

Every Dr Paw Paw balm contains Carica Papaya, Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Juice, Olea Europaea (Olive Oil) and Petrolatum. And as we now know, they're vegan and cruelty-free so they really are the best balms around! 

Dr Paw Paw balms are available from their website, priced at £6.95 each, or £20.85 for 3 (original/pink/red). Also available from Superdrug, Harvey Nicholas, Selfridges, Fenwick and CARA stores. 

I can honestly recommened these balms, you most definitely need to check them out!

Thanks for reading! I will be back SOON with another review!! 

Love, Sarah 

*I was kindly sent these balms to review but as always my opinions are 100% reliable!!! 

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