The Ways In Which I Finally Managed To Accept Myself Just As I Am.

Thursday, 18 May 2017


Learning to like yourself can be hard. Probably the hardest thing you will ever do in fact. Why it's so hard is questionable but perhaps we can look at magazines, social media, the news, instagram.....everywhere we look on a daily basis we are bombarded with images of the supposed 'perfect body', the toned abs, the flat stomach, who only seems to survive on kale and spinach green juices, coconut water, quinoa salads with no chocolate or a carbohydrate in sight!! We all know this isn't real life but somehow we are all conned into believing that this is how we should be living our lives. It can be extremely damaging, especially to younger teens who are most vulnerable. Basically whoever is on social media is going to be at risk. But there are things we can do to prevent this and become our own best friend.

Enjoy Spending Time With People We Love. 

Our families are the one place (usually!) where we can get unconditional love, they love us no matter what, come rain or shine, weight loss or weight gain. They are the place we go to when the world around us is too much and we need a little love, no questions asked. It is in these people we should invest our time and nurture the relationships, show them that we too love them no matter what. Everything will become easier when you have your families love and support.  

Friends can also be family to us and to many that's exactly what they are. A good group of female/male friends who can boost you up when you feel low and cheer you on when you need it most can be life changing. Through blogging I have been fortunate enough to meet some incredible women whom I now class as friends. It is amazing to have such a network so close by who understand the hardships and creative process that goes into producing a post like this. Someone who knows you inside and out, upside down and backwards is very important too. Someone who you can ring when you're feeling low and just by the sound of their voice can make you instantly smile again. The friends who have known you since you were 4 years old and within whom you can confide all your secrets and love you no matter what. Some people don't realise the true value of friendship, but when you consider that loneliness is almost as bad for you as smoking 40 a day; you may start to think about it differently.

Being Brave Enough To Have A Photoshoot. 

Now this is one which requires you to be brave. Brave enough to let someone take photos of you when you're most vulnerable. Allowing someone to snap you when you're not feeling so confident might not sound the best way to go, but when I asked the beautifully talented Kaye for a photoshoot whilst I was in London at Blog Con a couple of months ago, I did it mainly because I hadn't ever had a professional photoshoot before and I wanted some nice pictures to share on my blog and to keep. I was nervous at first because I really dislike having my picture taken and always think I look really bad, but actually, looking back at them now, I actually really love them and I am so glad I have them to look back on in years to come. Yes I may not be as slim as I was when I first lost all my weight a few years ago and my acne could probably do with covering up; but really? I look damn good and it's about time that was celebrated.

Putting Down The Magazines 

Now this one is easier said than done if you're anything like me. I have long since given up the likes of Closer, Heat et al I do not want to fill my time learning about the seedy goings on of Z-list celebs nor the latest "Lose 5lbs in a day" fad diets and quite frankly neither should you because they're nothing but bad for yours and (my) mental health. I do admit I still occasionally buy Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazines but mainly because they're only £1....I know, I really should stop this and I will, but in time. The only magazine that is ever worth reading is Blogosphere Magazine. Made by bloggers, for bloggers it is packed to the brim with articles from all kinds of bloggers, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, wellness, food, travel, name it, it's in there. No fad diets, no your body but better articles, just the real, down to earth, in depth articles that I always enjoy reading. I always find new blogs to read and people to follow through this magazine which is why I love it. Again, blogging is a place where I always feel accepted for who I am without any judgement so to be able to pick up a magazine which is dedicated to sharing who is hot in terms of their blog posts and/or photography is something which (in my opinion) makes me feel good about what I'm doing; not to mention picking up tips from those at the top!

Stepping Away From Social Media....Occasionally! 

Now this one is a bit more difficult, seeing as we spend almost all of our lives online these days and everything we want is at the touch of a button, but it can be done, in small doses anyway! Scrolling through Instagram is only so effective and in the most part, not good for our mental health. Being 'in the moment' and actually connecting offline with the people who loves us (just as we are!) can do wonders. Remember how we used to connect, before the internet, well how about picking up a pen and writing a letter to someone you love? I have started doing this and I cannot tell you how my day is lifted when I see another #snailmail letter on the mat! The time that person has taken to actually sit down and write me a letter never fails to make me smile. I also adore writing letters to my wonderful friends and surprising them with a small note through their door. Never underestimate the power of the written word. It can be incredibly powerful and uplifting for the recipient, and in some ways the sender too. So I urge you to take some time out this weekend to hand write a letter to someone, you just never know how much it could make them smile.

Well I hope you've enjoyed this post. not quite sure what it is meant to be other than letting you know that you're perfect just the way you are and you should never have to change yourself for anyone, other than yourself. 

Love, Sarah 

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