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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Recently I have been testing out some really rather tasty food from Everdine. A food delivery company whose mission …is to make clean eating simple..” and who are committed to preventing food waste. They deliver clean, wholesome, convenient and delicious meals, all prepared, delivered frozen and ready for your microwave when you are. All their chefs have trained to Michelin-starred level and so know how to create some truly flavoursome meals and truly lock in that taste. They are all about clean eating, tasty meals without compromising on time, they realise we’re not all Masterchefs and that we don’t all have the time it takes to prepare a tasty meal from scratch every night. Having a freezer full of delicious and healthy frozen meals really takes the guesswork out of what to have for dinner! The only decision you’ll have to make is WHICH meal to have first!

All of the packaging that Everdine used is recyclable, meaning that you can rest assured nothing will go to waste. The insulation cover can be recycled with plastics and the lamb’s wool in the organic recycling bin. The cardboard box can be easily flattened and recycled with your papers; the gel packs can be emptied in the sink and the covers in with the plastics. The food simply goes in the freezer meaning it lasts longer! Woo!

Everdine cater for everyone as there is a choice of veggie meals and classic meals, meaning no-one has to miss out. I chose 8 classic meals:

Speckled Lentil Chilli With Parisienne Potatoes,
Smoky Chicken Fajitas,
Sea Bream Thai Green Curry
Pulled Beef Ragu Spaghetti,
Paneer and Sweet Potato Kifte Biryani,
Coconut Katsu Chicken,
Cajun Blackened Salmon 
BBQ Pulled Pork with Boston Beans.

All meals take an average of 10 minutes in the microwave and come in a cardboard tray, which can all be recycled after. The only niggle I had with these meals was the fact they all seemed to create a lot of water, which I suppose they would being frozen and all but it just seemed a bit unnecessary that’s all!

What I like about Everdine, is the fact that the meals are all ready and waiting for you to pop them into the microwave. Everyone has 10 minutes to wait for a proper, healthy, clean meal each night. However busy you are, come in, pick a meal, follow the on pack instructions, go grab a quick shower and voila! Your meal is waiting for you! I found it also helped my Mum out as she didn’t have to think about what to cook for me of an evening (when I wasn’t at work!). These meals were a welcome change to my usual (work) diet of pizza and pasta! Knowing I was putting some goodness back into my body felt good; all too often ‘ready meals’ are known for their lack of flavour, artificial ingredients and added salt and sugar. With Everdine, all of that fear melts away because each and every dish has been created by a team of Michelen-starred chefs who aim to lock in flavour and goodness into every dish they create.

I would highly recommend Everdine to everyone. Especially those who cannot cook or don’t have the time to. Fear the ‘ready meal’ no more and enjoy some delicious meals, you deserve it!

I can offer my readers an exclusive discount of £25 on their first order with Everdine, simply follow this link:

I want to say a big thank you to Everdine and Tornado for working with me on this I have really enjoyed testing out these clean and healthy meals and would consider having them again in the future! 

Please go and check out their website and say hi over their Twitter and Instagram! Don't forget to use your code for £25 off your first box!!! 

Thanks for reading! Enjoy! 

Love, Sarah

*Thanks to Everdine and Tornado for making this possible. All opinions are my own. 
** Pictures from Everdine website with permissions and thanks. 

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