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Friday, 23 June 2017

To date I have seen 24 films since the beginning of the year. Impressive I know. I just love film and since buying myself an Odeon Limitless Card it has given me the opportunity to go whenever I want, as many times as I like which pleases me immensely. Here I talk about a few of the films I've seen and give reviews....including spoilers! So grab a cuppa (or something stronger!), sit back and come with me as I take you to the movies..........

Hacksaw Ridge

My initinal reaction after seeing this - I am numb. It was absolutely incredible and I urge you to watch it, if for nothing more than learning a bit more about history. It tells the true story of Pfc Desmond Doss (beautifully portrayed by Andrew Garfield) who was the first conscientious objector to be honoured with the Congressional Medal of Honour for Bravery Under Fire. He single handedly saved 75 of his men in a single night in WWII during the battle of Okinawa by lowering them down 'Hacksaw Ridge' praying to God "to let me get just one more" each time. It was incredible to watch knowing that it was all true and that he could have been killed by the Japanese at any time. At one point whilst trying to save his captain he buried him and then used a dead body to shield himself, so the roaming Japs wouldn't kill them. Just incredible.

 Doss was adamant that he wouldn't touch a rifle and was almost court marshalled for disobeying a direct order and he also missed his own wedding. Previously thought of as a coward by his fellow comrades, they soon accepted and protected him when in battle. More-so after heroically saving all those men. 

 It is directed by Mel Gibson who also stars as Doss' Dad. Vince Vaughn plays Sergeant Howell brilliantly and he actually really impressed me because previously I have always thought of him as a comedic actor. Hats off to him for changing tack. 

There is nothing I dislike about this film, at all. I have never felt so numb after seeing a film before. I felt like I didn't have any emotions. Just awe at how one guy can change the course of history. It just proves that you don't need a gun to fight a war and that sticking to your beliefs can get you everywhere. Heartfelt and honest, Hacksaw Ridge deserves 10/10.

The Mummy

I saw this on Wednesday night and really loved it. Having seen the previous films with Dwayane 'The Rock' Johnson I thought " Oh god here we go again, rehashing an old film with an ageing actor....." but I was proved wrong! Tom Cruise was brilliant as Nick Morton - a soldier who plunders ancient sites for timeless artifacts and sells them on the black market. 

It is during an attack in the Middle East which accidentally unearths Ahmanet - beautifully played by the gorgeous Sofia Boutella - a betrayed Egyptian princess who was entombed under the desert for thousands of years. She was due to inherit all of Egypt from her father, but when his wife had a son it automatically passed to him instead. Ahmanet couldn't handle this loss of power so she makes a deal with death itself and sets about changing the course of history. She kills her father, his wife and their new baby son before almost taking the life of an innocent; she is stopped halfway through the ritual and mummified alive. Because of this, when her tomb is opened all hell breaks loose as Ahmanet tries to reclaim what is rightfully hers. 

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and the ensuing film takes on the old journey of good versus evil, right versus wrong. Tom Cruise plays his part well as the cursed soldier who is plagued by visions. Of course there's a love interest - Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) involved who Tom falls for and saves at the end after he stabs himself with a sacred knife.(I should say here that this doesn't kill him, instead it makes him an immortal God.)  This means he has power of life over death and uses it to save Jenny but means they can never be together. He is left to wander the desert forever searching for a cure to his curse. Does this mean there could be another film? Perhaps so, but I do feel it's been a bit overdone, but as I was pleasantly surprised by this film who am I to judge?! 8/10.


Loved this film. Dev Patel exceptionally plays Saroo Brierley, a five year old boy who gets lost on a train thousands of miles away from his hometown. He must learn to survive all alone, against gangs and a children's home who don't seem to have Saroo's best interests at heart. Eventually though he is adopted by an Australian couple (the wife is played by Nicole Kidman) and he settles into life as best he can, although that lost feeling never leaves him. He only remembers the name of his hometown which no-one seems to understand or be able to find on a map. With the years has come better technology and it is though Google Earth that he relentlessly tries to track his movements and find his home once again. Using the mathematical equation of Time/Speed/Distance and looking up the particular gauge of track and what he can remember including landmarks, he tries everything he can think of. Hiding his work from his girlfriend and family, it eventually becomes too much and he reveals all. It is during this time he thinks about giving up; hungover and bleary eyed he looks at Google Earth once more and it is then that he finds his home town of 'Khandwa', he realises then that he has been mis-pronouncing it his whole life. The name of the film 'Lion' is taken from the meaning of Saroo's name...'brave.' That final scene when he meets his mother (and now grown up sister) had me in tears, in truth I was an absolute mess. The fact that it was a true story and the facts that were revealed at the end of the film just had me cry even more ugly tears.....I'm glad it was dark in that theatre because I wouldn't of wanted anyone to see me in that state. This film deserves all the plaudits and Oscars because it is one of the most heartfelt and honest films I have ever seen. I urge you all to see it because of how gut-wrenching the truths are. I just couldn't cope with what happened to Saroo's brother on the night he went missing or how his mother had never moved out of the home Saroo had grown up in, in the hopes that one day he would find her way back to her. Just.....yeah. I've brought the book and can't wait to get stuck in. Another 10/10.

Beauty and The Beast

Yes, I absolutely loved this live action remake of Disney's classic animated film 'Beauty and the Beast'. So much so I booked into see it as soon as it came out! Everything about it was incredible, especially the 'Be Our Guest' scene which apparently took 12 weeks to film, which isn't surprising when you see it play out! Emma Watson plays Belle effortlessly and has a good singing voice to boot! Dan Stevens does a good turn as Beast and I imagine it must have been hard acting in a fur suit and walking in stilts! The film itself is brilliant and even fills in some holes which arose from the animated version - like just who the old lady was who came to the castle seeking shelter and why it was that the whole village didn't seem to know about the Beast or his castle and we also find out a bit more about Belle's mother and how she died. It really feels like you're watching a proper movie with a gripping storyline, good guy, bad guy, princess and sorceress. I like to think this film appeals to a wide range of people, I don't think you necessarily have to like Disney to enjoy this film. 

 I absolutely love Chip, Mrs Pots, Lumiere & Cogsworth. How they were brought to life & given personalities made me smile so much! We learn more about how they feel about living the life they were dealt when the sorceress cast her spell on Beast and the castle. There is one particularly sad song about how they wish to have just one more day in the sun before the final petal falls. 

Gaston is even more evil and boorish in this version but then he wouldn't be Gaston if wasn't! La Fou tries his best to persuade Gaston away from Belle but as per usual Gaston doesn't listen to anyone except himself and foolishly goes ahead on his misson "to woo and marry Belle". I'm sure you all know the story and may have even seen the film but this version is slightly darker so wouldn't be suitable for small children who are easily scared but it still contains all the original Disney magic which we would expect from such a film. This is the third in a long line of Disney remakes, earlier this year we had 'The Jungle Book' and 'Cinderella' with 'Pocahontas' planned for early next year. I for one love how Disney are re-making their old animated films, it brings the magic to life for a younger audience. I already have the soundtrack and I cannot wait for the DVD to come out so I can watch it again and again! 8/10 

(Read my review of Latest In Beauty's Beauty & The Beast Box!

La La Land

I liked this so much I saw it twice and have since bought the DVD! I actually went to see it with my Mum and Dad first time around and they quite liked it too! Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone take a star turn as two young, ambitious Hollywood wannabes who dream of the big time in la la land. Ryan plays Sebastian a jazz musician who dreams of owning his own jazz bar one day, Emma plays Mia, a struggling waitress/actress who just dreams of hitting the big time and landing the role which changes her life. Together they try everything in their power to fulfil their dreams and hit the big time together. This is a musical so expect lots of sing songs in between the actual acting itself. I personally love how we see each characters development and how ambition can ultimately tear this couple apart. Sebastian gets a gig playing alongside John Legend as a Jazz Pianist but as much as he loves being out on the road, he dislikes how it takes him away from Mia and it is his missing her debut on the stage on a one woman show that really puts the nail in the coffin for their relationship. Mia meanwhile sits at home pining for Seb and planning her new show. Although Seb does drive to her parent's place to take her to an audition she still hates him. Ultimately though, they both get their dreams but unfortunately they are no longer together. The ending when Mia and her husband spontaneously stop off at a jazz bar (where Mia recognises the logo) shows us what could have been. But perhaps they were better off not being together? Watch it and decide for yourself! 7/10


I saw this film through one of Odeon's 'Screen Unseen' nights and boy am I glad I went. It was beautifully written and acted and thoroughly deserved its Oscar. Telling the story of Chiron, a young American Black boy navigating his way though life with his drug-addicted mother who cares more about her next hit than looking after Chiron. The only friends he has are his Cuban-American friend Kevin and a neighbourhood drug-dealer Juan and his girlfriend Tessa; whose home becomes a sanctuary away from everything he finds tough in life. It is so brilliantly acted and you really begin to feel for Chiron whose life seems to have a predetermined path unless he follows Juan's advice to get out of it. We find out that Chiron has feelings for his friend Kevin, which are acted upon one night on the beach. Chiron is left confused by this and goes through life pretty much how you would expect and even spends time in prison after beating his friend. One night years later he sees his old friend Kevin working in a roadside cafe and his feelings are brought to the surface again. After his work shift ends they go back to Kevin's house and Chiron admits that "no-one has ever touched me...that way....since...." It is a brilliant coming of age film which touches on sexuality and identity like no other film I have seen. A definite must see, if only for the incredible acting. 10/10.


Hilarious! I absolutely loved this film for the fact that it doesn't take itself too seriously and even takes the pee out of Zac Efron being in HSM! 30 years after the original show hit our screens, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Zac Efron, Kelly Rohrbach and Priyanka Chopra are the new figures in the red suits/trunks trying to keep their beach clean, save unfortunate swimmers and train new recruits. Zac plays Matt Brody a former Olympic swimmer who thinks he is already on the team without having to pass the test, unfortunately known as the swimmer who threw up during his team's Olympic relay event. 'The Rock' plays Mitch Buchanon (Formerly played by 'The Hoff') trying his best to keep drugs off his beach. When Priyanka's character is operating an illegal drug ring, it is up to the team to come together to save the day (and their beach). Jon Bass plays Ronnie who is by far away my favourite character! The overweight, not typically handsome hero who gets the girl, Ronnie is the one who can't talk when his crush is nearby but ends up saving the day because of his computer smarts. If you were a fan of the original series and are in need of a laugh then I highly recommend you check it out! It was just what I needed when I was feeling a bit melancholy. 8/10!


This was a Scream Unseen (the horror sister of Screen Unseen!) film and I LOVED IT! Like, absolutely bloody enjoyed every single second of it LOVED IT! (So much so I went back and saw it again!) James McAvoy is so talented at playing Kevin, the seemingly normal guy who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Having already evidenced 23 personalities to his psychiatrist Dr Fletcher (Betty Buckley), it is his 24th which we need to worry about as it is set to come to the surface and dominate all the others. ('The Horde' is the collective name used for all 24 personalities.)

It is this 24th personality which drives 'Kevin' to kidnap 3 girls and hold them captive in the maze of tunnels underneath Central Park Zoo in New York City. As he becomes more desperate, the 24th personality, known as "The Beast" starts to control 'Kevin' and as much as fights against it he knows he cannot and eventually he comes to the surface to wreck havoc amongest the only remaining girl left alive - Casey. We have already seen how Casey was abused by her Uncle and towards the end of the film we learn that her Father dies and he becomes her guardian; the scars The Beast sees when she is holed up in a cage with a loaded gun when she is making a break for freedom; makes 'The Beast' see that Casey is pure hearted and he leaves her alone. Escaping to an abandoned house we see him in a mirror, each personality talking to the other and 'The Beast' dominating them all. 

 Casey is eventually rescued and reunited with her family but she does not want her Uncle anywhere near her. Right at the end of Split, viewers are treated to what can only be described as a teaser, or maybe more of a '?' a diner the news is playing about what Kevin did, which mentions how The Beast's identity displays similar characteristics of the animals in the enclosures where he worked. A customer mentions this case is similar to one where a man was in a wheelchair but she can't remember his name...... when someone beside her replies "Mr Glass" is none other than David Dunn (Bruce Willis) from the film "Unbreakable"....duh duh duh...!! 9/10

So there you have it, a quick overview of some of the films I have seen this year....I have plenty more to review and even more to see! And I honestly cannot wait!! Like I said before I love having my Limitless card and having the flexibility to go whenever I want, to whatever screening I want. I love film but I enjoy talking about it even more! I can literally go on forever talking about watch out for more film related content from me! 

Anyway, I'm off to watch yet another awesome film...let me know which of these you've seen and which ones you're excited for this year!! Let's chat in the comments!! 

Love, Sarah

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