My City Break To Edinburgh - Edinburgh Castle & Afternoon Tea At The Old Waverley Hotel - Photo Diary 2017.

Monday, 10 July 2017

So this post is about 4 months late - opps! But with my Glasgow trip coming up in September, I thought I should get this one written at least! So back at the end of of February/ beginning of March I took a solo trip to Edinburgh for a few days because I had never been there before and had always wanted to visit. I honestly thought I would never get there, it always seemed so far out of my reach but thanks to my new job and some savings I had made, I was able to take the trip! 

I booked myself into Smiths Guest House, just outside Edinburgh for 3 nights - FYI NOT long enough!!! I was really rather excited when I booked this because I was talking to some lovely girls on Twitter whom I could potentially meet and had the biggest smile on my face when I clicked 'BOOK!' I honestly couldn't wait to get up there and experience it for myself! (Booked via - click the link to save money on your next trip!)

The train journey was long but I knowing that I had my book ready as well as my laptop, but as is the norm with Virgin Trains, you only got 15 mins free wi-fi and so after that I couldn't really do anything else! But I enjoyed seeing the changing countryside and of course being ready to change trains! All part of the fun, right?! Thankfully though I arrived in good time and made my way to the handily placed Tourist Information to find out how to get to my accommodation! Turns out I needed to catch a bus which would take me to within walking distance of the Guesthouse...let's just say I had lots of fun everyday with that! Anyway, the bus stop into Edinburgh town centre was very handily located just down the road from the guesthouse, so every morning after an amazing cooked breakfast I caught the 0930 bus and decided where to get off and what I would see that day....

As I had booked on I'd had the opportunity to purchase 'jump the queue' tickets for Edinburgh Castle (only about £15 from memory) as that was first on my hit-list and has always been somewhere I'd wanted to visit. I absolutely lucked out with the weather, it was blue skies and sunshine for the whole 4 days I was in Edinburgh! Glorious! Perfect weather for wandering around the castle and learning all about Scottish history! I urge anyone to explore the castle if you're ever in the area because it is a fascinating place and I even got the to hear the 1o'clock cannon go off!

I honestly could not get enough of Edinburgh was absolutely stunning, especially in the sunshine!! Definitely worth the trip alone just to say I've visited!

One of the best things about travelling is the people you meet and because one of my good friends from blogging lives near Edinburgh, it seemed natural to meet up and to go for afternoon tea together! I got to share cakes and tea with Charlene and Hayley in one of the best locations in Edinburgh - The Old Waverley Hotel

The Old Waverley Hotel was the perfect location for Afternoon Tea, the view was beautiful, looking out onto the green beyond with the sun shining. Neither Hayley or Charlene had ever had Afternoon Tea before so it was lovely to be able to introduce them to this most British of traditions.

Of course we had to take a cheeky selfie in the massive mirror located at the entrance to The Old Waverley Hotel!

Everywhere I looked there was amazing architecture just begging to be photograped, I just couldn't believe my eyes and wanted to tell people did they realise just how incredible their city was?! (I mean, I'm sure they did but that's the impact it had on me!)

I do realise the majority of these pictures are from Edinburgh Castle but it was just so damn incredible and awe-inspiring that I couldn't stop taking pictures of it! I also realise that this post is getting a bit long now, so I will end this hear and perhaps come back for a part 2? 

Let me know what you think of the style of post...I happen to quite like it actually! I love showing off my pictures!! Have you been to Edinburgh before?! What did you think of the Castle? Let me know! 

Love, Sarah

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