Relaxing With Crabtree and Evelyn* - Venetian Violet and Old World Jasmine Combine To Delight The Senses.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

I love relaxing in the bath. I never used to be, always preferring to have a quick shower and procrastinate in my towel than turn into a prune and lazing in old bathwater! LOL! But recently I have been getting into them more and more, finding them to be the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long work shift. Being on my feet all day, my back and legs can really feel the pain and so having a soak can really ease my muscles and gives me time to myself to (try) and forget everything else....Plus I can catch up Youtube!! 

As you can see I am an avid candle user  and love building up my collection to include as many different scents as possible. I find they add to the ambience and set the tone perfectly for a bit of 'me time'. In the pic above I used 12, yes 12 candles and yet I don't think it was enough!

As well as using candles, I love finding the perfect combination of bubble baths, shower gels and moisturisers to make my skin as silky smooth as possible. Sometimes bubble baths can leave my skin feeling tight and dry which no-body wants! Two products I have been using to help combat this are 'Old World Jasmine Indulgent Bath and Shower Gel' and 'Venetian Violet Sumptuous Moisturiser' both of which have been made me feel like I've been in a Spa! 

These two products are part of the new Floral Body-Care Range which leads our senses on a trip around a traditional English Herb Garden (just like their hand cream, exfoliating soap and all purpose balm which I posted about recently!)

 "Uncover the delightful artistry and fragrance of nature’s prettiest flowers, with precious scents that cherish and sweeten the senses. Each range is composted with a fresh and uplifting twist, an invitation to rediscover the bouquet of these favoured English Garden Classics."

'Venetian Violet' is described as such: 

"A classic elegant scent of violet with a modern fruity twist. From the hundreds of varieties found in the Mediterranean, the scent of Italian violet was the first to charm the Crabtree & Evelyn fragrance explorers. In the historic, floating city of Venice, this graceful flower is as enduring as the opulent architecture. Violet decorates the bridges reaching over the canals and resides in paintings and poetry as a symbol of purity and modesty. Venetian Violet Flower Water expresses the understated elegance of its romantic past with a sheer, powdery Italian violet note blended with the fruity aroma of lychee, raspberry and peach, with the rich base notes of cedar wood and musk."

Violet is one of my favourite scents and those odd purple sweets from my childhood..parama violets, my favourite kind so this definitely ticks all of my boxes scent-wise. I love how it makes my skin feel - all gorgeously smooth and silky. I absolutely love it! 

'Old World Jasmine' is described as such: 

"Become enamoured again with the beautifully intense aroma of this classic flower that remains ever fashionable. Old World Jasmine balances the distinctive scent of white jasmine with a sparkling citrus signature. The aroma of rich Valencia orange and Meyer lemon adds a sweetly refreshing edge while notes of gardenia, cyclamen and tuberose provide a floral quality that's fresh, green and very feminine."

(Read my Father's Day Post featuring this Morrocan Myrrh Cologne)

These two products together are the dream team, turning an ordinary bathing session into a luxurious spa session and making me feel a million dollars without having to leave my bathroom.  Anything which can bring the spa to me is a winner in my book, I don't know about you but I do find spas expensive and rarely, if ever go because of this. The Venetan Violet moisturiser soaks in like a dream and my skin seems to love it because it soaks it up like nobody's business! Again the scent is just incredible but does leave me craving parma violets! Haha! 

The Old World Jasmine Bath & Shower Gel reminds me of a jasmine green tea which I used to drink when my sister came back from Australia. I still love it today and so to find a body product which can transport me back to a time which holds so many amazing memories for me is just amazing. Not that I'll be drinking this! A cup of Jasmine green tea perhaps whilst IN the bath!? Yes? Yes! (Although I usually prefer something alcoholic! haha!) Jasmine is just a favoured scent of mine so it will encourage me to use this shower gel until it is sadly all used up! 

Having found two products which work so well together and finding a new love for long, lazy and indulgent candle-lit baths, I can see myself disappearing into my bathroom and not coming out for a long time yet! Pass me the wine!! 

Are you a bath lover? Which are your favourite products to use? Do you love bubble bath or are you a bath bomb kinda person!? Lemme know!! 

Lots of Love,

Sarah xoxoxoxxoxo

*PR Samples from Crabtree and Evelyn. All bath related opinions are my own! 

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