10 Things I Would Do If I Won 10 Million On The Lottery!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The other day I was reading my gorgeous friends Sharon's Blog Post about this same subject and it got me thinking about what I would do as well as it's a question we all ask ourselves from time to time and talk about with friends and I find it a very interesting subject! So here are 10 things I would do if I won 10 Million Pounds on the National Lottery! 

1) Give Money To My Family & Friends. 

First off I would give money to my Mum and Dad to go off and travel as much as they want to, in comfort without worrying about the cost of it! But knowing my Mum she'd still try and find a bargain for flights and accommodation though! haha! 

I would also give some money to my sister and her husband so they could live comfortably, pay off debts and generally just enjoy life a bit! It would make me very happy! 

I would also give money to my best friends and ensure that their children's futures were all set as University fees set to rise I wouldn't want them to worry at all so would set up a fund for each of their children for them to use as and when needed. (One of my best friends doesn't have children so instead I would set-up a fund for her and her husband to use.)

2) Secure My Own Future

After making sure my families and friends' futures were all set, I would make sure my own was too. My Dad is my financial advisor and so I would ensure my win was going to be working hard for me in a bank account somewhere. I'd choose one with the highest interest rate, even if it meant I couldn't access it for a set amount of time! I've always thought that i could happily live off the interest whilst my winnings were hidden away in an account! 

3) Take My Family & Friends On Holiday!

I would DEFINITELY have a holiday!!! Or 2! haha! First stop would be Australia, stopping off in Singapore and Hong Kong en Mum, Dad and Sister would be up for this so we'd all fly off in Business Class on Etihad Airways and stay in the best hotel rooms luxury all the way now that we could afford it! We would travel around Australia, experiencing it as never before, taking in wine country, the outback and of course the best of the cities! it's such a wonderful country with so much to see it would take at least 2-3 months to even begin to scratch the surface..I wouldn't mind and I don't think they would either! (Read My Australia Dreamin Post here / Australia Travels - Outback Edition)

I would also take my best friends on a long weekend in New York as I have never been before! We would fly Business Class, have the best transfers to the best hotel in the city, having cocktails en route! We would have a private tour of all the best spots in the city as well as the infamous 'Sex And The City Tour!' having priority access to the famous cupcake shop! Then it would be shopping on 5th Avenue before catching a show on Broadway! Perfect!

4) Buy A House In The Country With Loads Of Land!

If anyone knows me, they'll know that I have always wanted to buy a house with enough land for horses! I'd have a beautiful barn conversion, with an open plan kitchen diner, with a big 4-oven Aga at one end and a cosy wood-burning fire at the other with comfy couches, dog-beds and a television, perfect for snuggling up in with a hot chocolate and a film. 

Outside I would have both an indoor school and outdoor all weather surfaced arena with a few stables and massive fields where my horses would reside. (I personally prefer horses living outside rather than in, but sometimes stables are needed and i'd rather have them than not.) They'd have field shelters and tracks to use and roam around in plus trees to shelter under. I'd try to rescue horses if needed and provide a home for them to re-cooperate before training them to be re-homed or to stay with me and my 'herd'. 

I'd also have a few dogs, chickens and cats, hopefully all rescues, I'd build state-of-the-art kennels for my dogs and would have a conservatory on the house where they'd be allowed to come into as well. 

5) Emigrate To Australia

I know this contradicts my previous point but I would absolutely LOVE to emigrate to Australia and have enough money to buy a place in both Melbourne and Queensland. I love the vibrant, artsy, graffiti-walled, bohiemian scene that Melbourne evokes; I could happily wander around the lanes sampling food from the various cafes and markets. Plus being close to The Great Ocean Road makes me happy too! 

Queensland was where I first landed and it's lush open spaces made me so happy I would love to have my own place there to really enjoy everything that this fabulous state has to offer.

6) Give Money To Charity

Another thing I would love to do would to give some money to my favourite charities, namely Tiny Tickers, NSPCC, MIND, WWF, IWAF, & Guide Dogs For The Blind, along with some local charities too of course. They all do such fabulous work that I would feel very guilty spending my money whilst others suffered. I would also like to set up some sort of charitable trust fund which allocated funds to those most in need as well as raising money itself, I'd like to think it wouldn't need so much money from myself as it would be self-generating and then give back to charities. (Does this make any sense to anyone else?!)

7) Go TO Disney-World in Florida!

I have been to Disneyland in Paris before but never to Disney-World and so to experience it would be amazing!! Especially with all my friends! We'd have fast-passes, VIP dining, meet and greets with all the characters and of course our own photographer on hand to capture all those 'magic moments!' (How about it Kaye?!) 

8) Hire My Own Photographer

Yes, wouldn't this be fabulous?! To have my own personal photographer on hand to help capture those all important OOTDs and product photos! Sometimes having an extra pair of hands really does come in handy am I right ladies?! Plus they would come with me wherever I went! (Still up for it Kaye?!)

9) Buy All Disney films on DVD

I absolutely love Disney films but alas not quite the funds at the moment to buy all of them on DVD, so therefore I would buy all of them and play them in my own home theatre, complete with popcorn maker and snacks counter! I would then invite all my friends around to watch them all with blankets and snuggly socks as standard! 

10) Have A Permanent Blogging Set-up 

Now I'm sure this one would be at the top of every blogger's wishlist but wouldn't it be great to have everything set up, with the right equipment all the time? Not having to rely on the good old British weather to play ball all the time and moaning in Autumn when there's no daylight after 4pm!

So there you have it! My list of the 10 things I would spend 10 Million Pounds on if I were to win the lottery! Let me know what you would spend the money on?! 

Love, Sarah 

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