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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Well hello there...I do hope you're well, thanks for popping over to read my latest post! Today I have more skincare for you, this time courtesy of Elizabeth Grant. I have been trialling out a Day Cream, Night Cream and Neck Cream from their Wonder Effect Range; all of which have been absolutely brilliant for my skin and haven't broken me out, left my skin feeling dry or itchy. Wonderful! 

Wonder Effect Day Cream

" A daily skincare cream with retinol which transforms the skin, reversing major signs of ageing to uncover a porcelain like complexion that looks tighter, smoother and softer" (Source

I have loved using this cream, light enough to use in the day without it overloading my skin or making it feel too oily.  With the Elizabeth Grant Skincare exclusive Torricelum compound it helps to deliver the retinol deep into the skin's epidermal layers so it works faster and better. I can concur that this day cream did indeed make its way into my skin, as I could feel that it did not sit on top of my skin or feel it didn't sink in properly. 

If you read my previous skincare post you'll know that I use a lot of oils in my routine now, more than I ever used to because when I was younger I had oily skin which was so bad I thought I was destined to live with forever, but as I got older my skin changed (especially after visiting Australia). I wasn't as oily as I was before and had to deal with dry skin for the first time in my life which left me confused as to which products to use. Thankfully, Kiehls and The Body Shop came to the rescue and I now have a routine which works incredibly well for me. At the same time this makes me wary of changing it up and adding anything new to the mix, worried that I will end up with more acne or worse. 

But I needn't of worried! This wonderfully soft day cream sinks in beautifully and leaves my skin ready for the day, all the while feeling soft and smooth. I can't say for sure if it has had any other 'wonder effects' but I can say at least that I didn't have any adverse effects. My skin has looked good while I've been using it though! Plus of course it has the added addition of SPF 15! I love products with added SPF, makes it a lot easier to protect yourself from the sun! 

Wonder Effect Neck Cream

"Wonder Effect Neck Cream has been designed to visibly reverse the damage caused by neck neglect.  It has glycolic acid to exfoliate away dead skin cells, Torricelumn™ blended with sodium hyaluronate offers hydration to the deep layers of the skin. Wild yam and red clover work together to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation while soothing the skin.  This potent cream will help your neck look more sculpted, firmer, brighter, smoother, and younger". (Source)

Ok, so I'm going to be honest with you here and say that before trialling this I had never even thought that I had to use a specific cream for my neck before now. I guess I sometimes put moisturiser there but kinda just left it but having used this everyday for about a month I could say I'm converted! My neck is smoother, a little firmer and definitely more moisturised! I really didn't think it would work so I am happy to continue using it and see if there are more 'wonder effects' to come! 

I apply this whilst my oils are sinking in and working their magic, moving in an upward direction to prevent sagginess. It is a white cream which is easily absorbed and leaves my neck feeling soft and smooth and looking better than ever! Our necks are one part of our bodies which can easily be neglected and can often be one of the first spots to show ageing along with our hands, so it is vital that we take care of them and prevent anything frmo ageing us too quickly!! 

I can attest to this product working and should be an addition to your skincare regime from now on! 

Wonder Effect Night Cream

Wonder Effect Night Cream

"An advanced moisturising dry skin treatment that works all night to help boost rejuvenation and reduce the appearance of skin ageing caused by environmental stressors. Stabilised retinol targets dullness, wrinkles, age spots, skin discolouration, loss of elasticity, and helps minimise large pores." (Source

I love a good night cream, especially in winter when it's cold enough to warrant an extra thick layer of cream on my skin. Now you may be confused here because (apparently!) it isn't winter here yet, but stay with me. A night cream is an essential part of my routine and something I always look forward to using once all my oils have sunk in properly and my skin is ready for that final step. This cream isn't too thick but provides enough of a consistency be-fitting of such a cream. Applied just before bed it protects me skin, leaving it soft, smooth and nourished ready to work it's magic whilst I sleep. 

What I also love about this is the packaging, I love how it is designed with a pull off cap and then you press the white top down to release the cream. Much less mess and hassle than a squeezy tube (like the other two products) which can sometimes lead to too much cream being released -  which happened more than once let me tell you! So anything which prevents this is good in my books! Makes it perfect for travelling too as nothing is going to spill out of it.

My Final Thoughts

So, now that I've used these products for over a month, what do I think of them and would I recommened them? Well in short, yes I would because they have worked really well and just as described. They have left my skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished without my skin feeling tight, irritated, becoming spotty or making me itch. The neck cream in particular has worked extremely well and is something I will continue to use until it runs out and actually may be something I put into my routine more regularly as anything which prevents ageing and having a saggy neck is a winner in my book! 

So I want to say a big thank you to Chloe over at Ideal World TV for sending me out these to trial because I have really enjoyed them and will continue to until they are (sadly) used up! 
I have loved using them and my skin has benefited from them too so it's a win in my book for all of these products! 

Have you ever tired any Elizabeth Grant products? What do you think of so called 'Wonder Effect' Skincare?? Do you use a neck cream in your routine?? Please let me know!

Love, Sarah

*Contains PR samples but all skincare opinions are all mine! (As are the photos!)

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