My Review Of Restaurant 92, Harrogate. I Took My Parents Out For Dinner!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

So last week, just after I had been paid! (YAY! Best day ever!) I made a reservation at Restaurant 92 here in Harrogate as it is one we hadn't been to since it changed from Chez La Vie so were intrigued to see what it was like inside and how the food had changed, it's good to be able to treat them for a change now that I'm earning a wage and can afford to do so. 

Restaurant 92 say that their menus are at the heart and soul of their operation, bringing fusions of flavour, creating an unforgettable experience for diners, and I can agree with that because the quality and level of food we were presented with was absolutely incredible - for the price we were paying on the menu we chose anyway! The level of details that went into each course was beyond anything we were expecting and definitely left us satisfied and wanting to return again! It was easy to see why the chef Mark had won Chef of The Year at the Harrogate Hospitality and Tourism Awards earlier in the year! Very well deserved for sure!

As we walked in, I couldn't get over the coppery goodness everywhere....surely a blogger's dream?! The staff were friendly, greeting us as we arrived and our coats were taken to be hung up in the cloakroom. We seated ourselves in the booth by the window and ordered some pre-dinner drinks, Black Sheep for Dad, white wine for Mum and a Monkey 47 Gin with Fever Tree Tonic for me! Just look at that glass, it's massive AND it came with fruit - one of my five a day surely!?!?!? 

We were soon ushered though to the dining room which was beautifully decorated with soft greys and more copper accents throughout. Just beautiful. I couldn't wait to sit down and peruse the menu. The ambience was the perfect balance of busy and peaceful. As it was a Thursday night at 6.30pm it wasn't too busy but we also didn't feel like we weren't sat in quietness either. There was the general hub-bub of a restaurant serving customers. 

I really loved the table settings and how the coppers were set off beautifully against the greys and golds of the dining room design. It wasn't too offensive nor did it feel like it was fading into the background. Everything worked together very well and even the table bottoms were old sewing machines with the moving pedal! A wonderful touch alongside the marble table tops!

Now onto the food! I had decided we would choose off Menu 92 which contains a choice of six starters and five main courses, with two courses for only £18. 

Mum and Dad went for Duck Liver Parfait with Pickles and Homemade Brioche and I chose French Onion Soup with Gruyère Crisp & Dauphine. They both blew us away when they arrived, we didn't have any expectations above choosing from the 'cheaper' menu so from the pictures below you can see why we would have been! I can confirm that the French Onion Soup was absolutely delicious and the cheesy Dauphines were sublime. The Duck Liver Parfait (second picture) arrived smoking and the pièce de résistance was the waiters lifting off the lids and revealing the surprise! Got to love a bit of theatre with your dinner. This too was absolutely delicious and was enjoyed by both parents immensly!

Mains up next and Dad and I chose 18 Hours Slow Braised Featherblade (beef steak) served with Broad Beans, Yorkshire Peas, Watercress & Smoked Potatoes and Mum went for Black Treacle Cured Salmon with Crispy Kale, Anchovy and Lemon Curd. Both were, again, absolutely delicious, the quality and standard of the dishes for what is a relatively low price really impressed me. I haven't been to all of the restaurants here in Harrogate, (yet!), but so far Restaurant 92 is top of the pack for outstanding dishes at affordable prices - which is rare in Harrogate as it is quite an expensive little town! 

Anyway, onto pictures of the food! Again we were all blown away by the presentation of the food as well as the taste, which was exceptional to say the least! We had a couple of side dishes including Thrice Cooked Chips and Purple Sprouting Broccoli with Pine Nuts which was very tasty indeed!

My Dad chose to have a dessert - Restaurant 92 Chocolate Orange which he said was absolutely delicious, Mum and I did have a sneaky taste but found the chocolate bar to be too rich! Instead Mum and I each had a glass of dessert wine which we loved and was just what we needed after a very filling dinner! 

I really rate Restaurant 92 as a dining destination here in Harrogate, with a mixture of A La Carte Menus and more affordable Early Bird Menus and even a Vegetarian Tasting menu; the best bit being you are not losing out on quality at all, which was something I didn't expect to find. It has been about 18months-2 years since Chez La Vie closed down and as sad as it was to lose, I can confidently say that Restaurant 92 is a great replacement and I am so pleased there is another independent which seems to be thriving in a town which is seeing more and more restaurants popping up each week!

If you're in Harrogate, either visiting or living nearby you should definitely check it out. I for one cannot wait to go back to try out their other menus and sample a few different wines in their adjacent wine bar. Trust me when I say it is one of the top restaurants in town for a reason! 

Let me know if you have been here before or are thinking of visiting? What do you think of the quality of the food?? Please let me know in the comments below. 

Book a table / Twitter / Website / Phone: 01423 503027 / Location: 92 Station Parade Harrogate. 

Love, Sarah

*Some photos used with permission and thanks from Restaurant 92's website. 

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