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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Crabtree and Evelyn are back with six new product lines in their 'Everyday Nature's Care Range', driven by their understanding of plants and their benefits these ranges offer well-being benefits for the mind and body which help you to accomplish and elevate your everyday experiences. 

Citron and Coriander - 


Rosewater and Pink Peppercorn - 


Pomegranate and Argan Oil - 


Lavender and Espresso - 


Pear and Pink Magnolia - 


Goatmilk & Oat - 


There is plenty of choice in this new collection, each one designed to promote the very best in you everyday. From getting up the morning, getting ready to head to the gym before work, facing the commute, working 9-5 and heading home to do it all again tomorrow. Sometimes we all need a bit of pampering in the midst of everyday life, a little indulgence which helps us to carry on and face the world. I know that indulging in a little hand exfoliation and moisturising during my day makes me feel a whole lot better.

Citron and Coriander Hand Therapy.

" Recharge your senses with Vitamin C and Coriander for revitalised and happy skin. Combining gentle exfoliation with the added boost (of vitamin c) from squeezed lemons  helping to remove hard and dry skin caused by daily strains. This scrub leaves hands feeling like new." 

This scrub is everything. I had never before thought of using a scrub purely for my hands but I will now! This exfoliating scrub gently removes any hard/dry skin on my hands, in particular one area on my left hand just in between my thumb and index finger, which I have had since I started my new job. By using this scrub on a weekly basis, it has become softer and smoother, I hope in time it will disappear altogether! 

This scrub is smooth in texture with small beads which are not harsh or rough. It is gentle to use and smells incredible, I really enjoy using it and see it as a bit of a treat in my routine. My hands are left feeling soft and smooth, especially my area of dry skin. I highly recommend this scrub if you feel like your hands need an extra bit of TLC or like me have an area of dry skin which you'd like to get rid of!

Pomegranate and Argan Oil Nourishing Nutri-Oil.

" Feed your skin with Nature's antioxidants to reveal healthy looking bouncy skin. A one stop skin softening solution. Just spritz and smooth onto body, face, hands, feet, nails and hair to nourish and revive at home or on the go  
With sun-drenched pomegranate, rich and restorative argan oil and grape seed oils this gorgeous multi-use oil works to hydrate and nourish from head to toe."

I have loved using this Nutri-oil, it feels very decadent applying this after my shower. Just a few sprays are all it takes to transport me to a spa, evoking a feeling of being pampered and relaxing upon a massage table. The glass bottle adding to the feeling of this being a moment for you, one which you should take and linger over. As the colder months draw in, the thought of taking a bath and then spraying this all over my body just makes me feel happy inside. It feels very luxurious and I am so happy I got the chance to try it out.

Rosewater and Pink Peppercorn Hydrating Body Gel.

" Rose petals, peonies and sprightly pink peppercorn come together for a truly refreshing all over body treatment which is light and easily absorbed. This decadent body gel uses olive oil and Vitamin E to help moisturise and give a dewy glow after your bath or shower. A truly indulgent treat for use come sun up or sun down." 

This gorgeously pink whipped body gel sinks in easily to my skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. Sometimes it is so lovely to wrap your body in a moisturiser after taking a bath. Whereas the Nutri-oil is easy to use, covering your whole body in only a few sprays, this body gel really allows you to take the time to smother into your arms, legs and torso; making moisturising something to really take time for instead of it being a chore. The rosewater element transports you to the Mediterranean, evoking memories of holidays long forgotten; rose is one of my most favourite scents so I absolutely love it when it appears in my skincare products. The addition of the pink peppercorn to this body gel makes it not only smell incredible but also helps to quench thirsty skin, making it perfect for those who suffer from dry skin. It certainly has helped with the dry skin on my legs, the one area which shows it up more than anywhere else and where I suffer from it the most.

I am a massive fan of Crabtree and Evelyn, their whole brand and ethos are one which align with my own beliefs and I am very happy to endorse the brand. Their products are just divine and I feel so lucky every time I get a package through my door. There is something decadent and luxurious about their products, they beg you to take time out of your busy life to pamper yourself and I for one am not going to argue with them! 

Have you tried anything from Crabtree and Evelyn before?! Which one of these products do you like the sound of the most? Let me know in the comments! 

Love, Sarah

*Samples kindly provided for review but all opinions are my own. 

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