National Chocolate Week | Baking A Chocolate Cake With Find Me A Gift*

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Hello and welcome back to Day 2 in my week long series of posts for National Chocolate Week! Today I am very pleased to be collaborating with Find Me A Gift and testing out their Classic Chocolate Cake Baking Kit! So grab a cup of tea, settle down and see how I got on! 

Ever struggle with baking? Want everything already measured out for you to which you only need add eggs and butter to? Well, look no further because Find Me A Gift have you sorted with this Classic Chocolate Cake Baking Kit*! 

Included in this artisan box is the recipe, 2 spring-form tins, sponge cake ingredients, icing ingredients, a wooden spoon and a whisk. Everything you (or your friend) needs to get baking. 

I found this very easy to use and I loved how everything was already mixed ready to go. It definitely took much less time than creating a cake from scratch and I am in love with how small the cake tins were, I don't think I have actually seen tins that small before! *cuteness alert!*

I was also very kindly gifted my very own Personalised Conversion Glass Chopping Board which says 'Kitchen of Sunshine Sarah' on it which i just absolutely love!! It's a handy size which will fit nicely onto any work surface in your kitchen and be ready when you need it! Thankfully when you cut food on it, you don't get that awful fingers on a blackboard sound which is just awful! *winches in anticipation of said sound*

To fill my cake I used a chocolate hazelnut spread from Jim Jams* which has 83% less sugar than other standard chocolate spreads and has been certified by Sugarwise as being free from added sugars which is brilliant. This spread is also suitable for vegetarians and those of us who suffer from a gluten intolerance - could this spread BE any better for us?! I think not! I have personally taste tested this and can confirm that it is indeed delicious and a healthy alternative to Nutella! *Shock horror* 

I am so pleased that I have found a healthier alternate to my favourite hazelnut spread because I used to eat it from the jar....with a spoon! No shame! Now that I have become a lacto-ovo-vegetarian (I have given up meat but still eat egg, fish and some dairy products, although I am trying to replace them with non-dairy alternatives) I am becoming overall healthier with my choices. If you are looking for a hazelnut spread which contains 83% less sugar but still contains that taste we're all familiar with, then I urge you to check out Jim Jam's Spreads! They also make high fruit, low sugar jams including strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and orange marmalade - yum!


I hope I have persuaded you to get creative in the kitchen with Find Me A Gift and Jim Jam's Spreads. The Chocolate Baking Kit really is so easy to use that anyone could do it, even someone who isn't that good in the kitchen! So long as they can measure out the amount of butter needed and crack eggs then they'll be able to master cake baking! It is something of a science which can be fairly complicated if attempting it for the first time without any previous experience - even I have forgotten to add baking powder to a cake on occasion! - But with this kit that problem is taken away from you! Thanks Find Me A Gift! 

So if you fancy getting creative in the kitchen I can highly recommened this chocolate baking kit and also the personalised glass chopping board, I needn't worry about conversions again! 

Love, Sarah 

*Big thanks to Find Me A Gift and Jim Jam's Spreads for sending over these products for me, I have really enjoyed using them! All thoughts my own. 

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