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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Hello there! Today I want to tell you all about Bees For Business, a wonderful British business determined to help save the British Honeybee by offering you the chance to own or rent your very own hive, thereby helping to ensure the lives of all the honeybees within them! 

Bees for Business started when three friends joined forces through their shared passions of ethical and environmental responsibilities. It seemed like an odd pairing but with businesses looking for more creative ways to express their corporate social responsibility and with their being a wider concern for environmental impact, this powerful concept was born. 

Everyone knows about the gradual decline of the honeybee population due to many environmental factors such as disease, lack of pollination and pesticides; although I'm sure not many people realise just how important the honeybee is to the food industry, one third of the food we eat relies entirely on pollination by the honeybee. If the honeybee population was to decline any further there would be serious repercussions for the food industry worldwide, such is the importance of their pollination. 

Bees for Business create positive results for the honeybee, humans and the environment by developing the idea of adopting or renting beehives, placed either on their farm in Cambridgeshire or rented on your company's premises. This allows the recipient/s to enjoy all the benefits of beekeeping but without the hassle or worry of getting stung! It is well known that beekeeping is declining - in 1900 there were as many as 1 million beehives across the United Kingdom but by 2015 there were as little as 270,000! 

This makes me desperately sad because bees are just so important to us and how we live our lives that for them to be declining like this is quite shocking! I don't want to imagine a world where we don't have the main pollinator of food and flowers around, I mean, what would we do without them? It doesn't bear thinking about.

And what do bees produce? Yes, honey!! Bees for Business even harvest and prepare some of the finest honey products around including jarred honey, whole honeycomb frames, propolis and beehive adoption plan gift sets all under their exclusive brand, Bees & Co.

"Each jar of honey is harvested, jarred, labelled and numbered by hand in the same way  our artisan bee master ancestors did, truly dedicated to quality and preserving the natural properties of delicious, raw honey." (Source)

You can even become a beekeeper for a day at their farm on the Cambridgeshire and learn everything about how to keep a hive from what to look for in a healthy hive to learning how to handle the bees so you don't get stung!

All the honey produced from your hive is yours to own and is raw, pure, unpasteurised and unblended just as nature intended it to be. Depending on the location of your hive the honey will have a completely different taste, it could be heather, rapeseed oil, borage, tree blossom - the result is as unique as the bees themselves and will kick any supermarket version straight out of the water!! I can't wait to see what my Buckfast Honeybees have been pollinating! 

Adopting your very own hive.

Each hive comes with a colony of Honeybees with strong and true progeny to their breed type which results in calm and happy bees. Bees for Business will deal with everything from installation to maintenance of the hives and the bees themselves so all that's left for you to do is sit back, enjoy the updates and of course the honey! You will get regular pictures and videos of your hive/s in action which are all license free for you to use however you like! Why not spread the word amongest friends, family and your work colleagues? Who knows, they might be buzzing to have their own hive! 

Each hive can contain anywhere between 60-80,000 Buckfast honeybees and are regularly inspected to ensure they're healthy, upto 25 times in one year - once a month in winter and twice a week in summer. 

You can choose to adopt or rent your very own hive which will be fully maintained by Bees for Business all year round. Choose from cedar wood hives, unique Bees for Business hives or design your own a la Fortnum and Mason, all of which are expertly hand crafted. 

Bees for Business provide Buckfast Honeybees which are supplied from one of the most highly regarded breeders in the UK with 70 years experience which makes for gentle, hard working and healthy bees.

All honey extraction is dealt with by Bees for Business, with the jarred and labelled honey being delivered to your direct to your door. Depending on which plan you choose, you can even design your own label, which will be printed and placed on your honey from your very own hive! Cool huh!? 

Adoption & Rental Plans.

Baby Bee Corporate Adoption Plan 

- £250 a year or £400 for 2 years. 

- 1 stunning Bees for Business Hive full of honeybees installed on their farm in Cambridgeshire.

- Monthly license free videos and photographs for you to use however you like!

- A gift wrapped, personalised adoption certificate.

- 2 large packets of bee-friendly, organic flowers seeds for you to plant wherever you choose!

- 8x277ml jars of honey from your very own hive delivered to your door! All harvested and packed by hand. 

 Plus bakes and treats with honey at their heart that you can share with your team.

Queen Bee Corporate Adoption Plan 

- £500 a year or £850 for 2 years. 

- 1 gorgeous hand crafted cedar wood hive full of honeybees installed in their farm in Cambridgeshire.

- Monthly license free videos and photographs for you to use however you like.

- 'Beekeeper for a Day' off-sire experience for you & your team. 

- A gift wrapped and personalised adoption certificate.

- 4 large packets of bee-friendly organic flower seeds for you to plant wherever you like!

- An adoption plaque featuring your logo on your very own hive! 

- 20x 277ml jars of delicious, artisan, raw honey harvested by hand from your hive, with the option of designing your own labels. 

-  Plus bakes and treats with honey at their heart that you can share with your team

Bbbbuuuuzzzzz.......🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 - - My adoption pack arrived from @beesforbusiness ! It's official, I have my own hive full of 60,000 Buckfast honeybees! 🐝🍯🐝🍯🐝🍯 - - - - - I can't wait to see how they get on & how much honey they produce! Nothing better than 🍯 made by your own 🐝 from your very own hive!! - - - - - Keep an eye out on my Blog as I will soon be telling you more about @beesforbusiness, who they are, how you can help save honeybees & also how you can adopt your own hive!! 😎🐝🍯 - - - - - So don't mind me, I'm just off to start naming all 60,000 🐝! - - - - - - #beesforbusiness #honeybees #savingthehoneybee #Buckfasthoneybees #honey #myownhive #BritishBees #adoptionpack #adoptabeehive #BritishHoney #SmallBusiness #smallbiz #saveyourindies #independent #shopsmall #ShopBritish #Harrogatebloggers #HarrogateTribe #ukblogger #discoverunder1k #newblogger #smallinstagrammer #myinstagram #MYIGDAILY #dailyig #honeyforbreakfast #BritishWildlife #Countyfile #BritishCountryside
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Two options - £295 or £395 per month. 

 £295 option: 
- 2 beautiful handmade cedar wood hives installed on your premises and maintained by Bees for Business with a 50% share of the honey harvest (approximately 40 of their 277ml jars). Their minimum rental agreement is for two honeybee hives over 2 years.

£395 option: 
- 2 beautiful handmade cedar wood hives installed on your premises and maintained by Bees for Business with a 100% share of the honey harvest (approximately 80 of their 277ml jars). Their minimum rental agreement is for two honeybee hives over 2 years.

Customise Your Hives: we will colour-match your corporate colours and decorate your hive to your specification for an all-inclusive additional price of just £150.

There really are so many options when it comes to helping to save the honeybee. Even just buying some bee-friendly seeds and planting them in your garden or on your windowsill will attract bees and help them to pollinate and create honey for their hive. 

I always feel so lucky that through my blog I have been able to find new and exciting businesses to promote. I am very passionate about supporting small businesses and if I can help them find new customers by creating a post here on my blog then I definitely will! I know this is more aimed at the corporate world, but it could just bee the present for someone who has everything? What do you think, do you fancy having honey from your very own hive to spread on your toast of a morning? I know I do! 

Thanks for sticking with me on this, I know it's been a long one but I wanted to get everything across and tell you all you needed to know about adopting your own hive! Please let me know in the comments if this is something you'd ever consider doing yourself I'd love to know! Anyone fancy coming on a bee-keeping course with me?! 

Until next time, 

Love, Sarah

*I'd just like to thank Bees for Business for working with me on this and allowing me the honour of adopting my very own hive! I am so excited for the future and I can't wait to taste my honey! 

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