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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

After working with Ideal World TV on my Elizabeth Grant Skincare post, they were kind enough to send out one of their 'Blogger's Boxes' to me for review. I was very excited to be working with them again and also to find out what was in my box! Ideal World TV are the one stop shop for all things beauty, skincare and so much more, with items ranging from homewares, fashion, electronics and more, making your Christmas Shopping experience an easy and fuss free one. Who wouldn't want to get everything for their family in one easy place, all whilst sat in the comfort of your own home with a glass of something festive to hand!? I know I would! 

With Ideal World having their own TV channel it is a really great way to see the products in action before snapping them up online or by phoning the on-screen number - sometimes you do want to be able to see how well that electronic works or how to apply that new found face cream. This year I have decided to try and do all my Christmas shopping online as I genuinely cannot be bothered to traipse around the shops battling with crowds! With Ideal World partnering with ASDA for their 'Click and Collect' Service, it means that I only need to make one trip out whilst doing my normal food shop! #Winningatlife! 

But they also deliver to your home and prices start at £4.99 for a single item under £25 and £5.99 for a single item over £25. Delivery varies with each particular item and updates automatically within your basket as you shop. Costs are based on the item amount before any applicable discount or deduction has been subtracted. (source)

The box was so jam packed full that the lid almost didn't close on it! I couldn't believe it when I opened it all up and saw how beautifully it was presented! Who doesn't love a package tied up with flowery ribbon?! Underneath all that shredded paper were 5 full sized products and included: 

- Elizabeth Grant Face Mask Collection 
- Elizabeth Grant Day/Night Cream
- Faublift Fabulous Eyes x2 (one for myself and another for my sister)
- Nano Teeth Whitening Kit 
- 'Change' by Lisa Riley (from Emmerdale!) 

I was honestly blown away by the sheer number of products and the fact they were all full sized!! I mean, in most subscription boxes these days, you're lucky if you get 1 or 2 full sized items and if you want more you have to pay for it so for me to receive these to test out and review really made my day and to be called a 'trusted advisor in the blogging world' just topped it off and almost made me cry! It came at a time when I was feeling particularly disingenuous with the whole blogging world and like no-one was reading my blog, so you could say that the comparison thief loomed large that day! This post was definitely what I needed then that's for sure! 

Before trying Elizabeth Grant, I had never before heard of them or indeed Ideal World TV. I had heard of QVC so had a vague idea of the whole 'shopping channel' idea but didn't know that you could also shop their products online or the vast range of products available. I love finding new places to shop and hunt for birthday and Christmas presents as you never quite know where you're going to be able to find that perfect present for your other half or the present for someone who has everything!

I can't wait to get started on trialling out all these products, especially the Nano Intensive Whitening Kit, I have always struggled with getting white teeth and am always on the hunt for a new toothpaste or whitening kit to help me maintain a whiter smile! Designed by UK dentists it has been developed to be safe and effective to use to whiten teeth by 3.6 shades on average after just one use! Sign me up! 

I love a good facemask and so this collection from Elizabeth Grant couldn't have come at a better time. It contains four different masks: Purifying mask, Papin Enzyme mask, Mineral Replenishing mask and Nourishing Vitamin mask as well as a brush to apply them with which, let me tell you, makes everything SO much easier where face masks are concerned! Your life will change once you've done it this way, trust me! 

I now have another Day and Night Cream from Elizabeth Grant to trial which makes me incredibly happy! I am a bit of a skincare addict so anything new to my collection always makes me smile! This day cream helps strengthen, moisturise and firm the skin while creating a luminous and fresh complexion. The night cream helps to repair and support the structure of the skin, helping it to appear and feel smoother, softer and firmer. 

Rebecca, my contact at Ideal World TV was very generous because she not only sent out a full sized Fabulift Fabulous Eyes for me, but also one for my sister to use too! I can't wait to see how we both get one with it. My sister was very excited to have some new skincare to trial as she's always asking me what products I have been sent and if there's anything she can use! Haha!

Finally, I am excited to try 'Change' by Lisa Riley, a rich and sensual fragrance with floral notes, I can definitely see myself wearing this on Christmas Day as I open presents and prepare for a day full of family, food and festive films! I love finding new perfumes to wear and enjoy and this is no exception, it is light enough to wear everyday but doesn't overpower. I love the bottle itself I am usually that person who buys a perfume because of the bottle and not necessarily how the fragrance itself smells! Ooppss! 

All in all, this blogger's box is packed to the brim with premium products which I would never have found had it not been for Ideal World TV. I can't wait to get properly stuck in and see how everything works. I'll probably do an update in a month's time or so, once I've had a good bit of time to trial everything properly. I hope you'll be back to read the post when I do! 

Big thanks to Ideal World TV for sending me out this amazing Blogger's Box I absolutely love it! 

Love, Sarah

*Box sent to me by Ideal World TV but all opinions my own (and my sister's!)

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