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Monday, 30 October 2017

Heading out to Veeno for a wine tasting definitely made my grey, miserable Wednesday brighter! Located in Westgate House on Station Parade, tucked underneath the cinema it makes for the perfect stop on your next night out. Pop in for a quick glass after work, or meet up with friends and enjoy a bottle with spuntini whilst catching up on the latest gossip. 

Or perhaps you have more time to linger over a wine tasting. Starting at just £19.90 for a Classic or £26.90 for a Selezione it is the ideal way to learn more about wine, each wine is paired with spuntini on a delicious sharing platter - quite enough to satisfy your after work hunger or a replacement for dinner. As you'll also enjoy a sweet wine paired with Veeno's take on a classic tiramisu - definitely worth sticking around for! The best thing about these wine tastings is that they're informative but also informal and you can go at your own pace, giving you ample to time to catch up with your friends or partner. 

I was welcomed by the staff as soon as I arrived and given the choice of where I wanted to sit. I chose a seat next to the cellar so I had a good view and could happily people watch and enjoy the music playing in the background. A very pleasant atmosphere indeed. I had a glass of water to start whilst my platter was being prepared. In hindsight I would have preferred the vegetarian platter but at the time I didn't know this was available! Next time though!

 Veeno was started by two Italian guys who found they shared a passion of Italian Aperitivo - the ritual of drinking, nibbling and relaxing after work. By the end of 2013 Veeno was born - a place where everyone could enjoy great wines and the most authentic Spuntini, platters of meats, cheeses and other appetisers, imported from carefully selected Italian producers. The wines come from the family vineyard back in Sicily where great-grandfather Antonio planted the first vines in the XIX century. Since then, they have been working hard to ensure that the quality and tradition could flow from the bottles to the glass in your hand. 

I was very excited to sample my very first 'Selezione Wine Tasting' and try to find the remedy to a pretty miserable day! 

The first of 6 glasses of wine started with their driest - 'Timpune' Label: Sicani Grape: Grillo. 

" For this wine we have chosen the highest hill in order to exalt its freshness and flavour. We put it into tonneaux to trap its body, giving it a delicate note of oak and acacia. Intensity and elegance are the perfect mix in this wine. Wide bouquet with a natural delicacy." 

Paired with: Mozzarella Di Bufala. 

My notes: 

Goes well with mozzarella, balances out the flavours. Non-descript on the nose yet is smooth on the tongue when tasted. Not overly dry, 13% ABV. This wine is barralled for 3 months and bottled for 3 months. 


The second white was 'Corte' Label: Sicani Grape: Zibibbo

" Smooth on the palate, this wine offers a wide variety of scents which range from spicy to floral and fruity notes. Sipping this wine will caress all your senses."

Paired with: Pecorino (sheep's milk cheese) seaseoned in "grotta", a cavern. 

My notes: 

Not as dry. 12.5% again tanked & bottled for 3 months each. Is known as the wine of love. Antonio, (great-grandfather back in Sicily, the family vineyard in Italy where the wines come from) created this wine! Goes well with Pecorino cheese, is meant to 'caress your senses'. Fruity on the nose which lingers after tasting it. Again soft and smooth. 


Third up was the house Rose 'Tasari' Label: Tasari, Grape: Syrah. 

"Cherry-coloured with an intense fruity bouquet that comes from our best Syrah grapes. Notes of strawberry, chery, raspberry and pomegranate. In one's mouth the wine is fresh with a good acidity and blananced tannins."

Paired with: Speck, smoked ham from Trentino. 

My notes:

Dry rose. Tanked 2 months. Cherry colour. Strawberry, cherry, raspberry & pomegranate taste. Goes well with Pec meat (parma ham) House rose. 12.5%.

Fourth wine was Sachia Label: Sicani, Grape: Perricone. 

" For decades the Perricone, or the so-called "Pignatello", had been the undisputed leader of the red grapes in western Sicily. Rich with red fruits mixed with notes of liquorice, a typical expression of the relationship between the variety and its land."

Paired with: Bresaola. 

My notes: 

Red wine, staff favourite. Liquorice flavours. Perricone grape. Strong nose. Tannins present. 13.5%, rich fruits which last on the palate and the tannins do not disrupt from the overall taste. Goes well with red meat. 


The fifth wine was 'Cutaja' Label: Le Selezioni, Grape: Nero d'Avola Riserva. 

" The place where our vineyards are situated used to be the gravel bank of a river. This testifies to the presence of the typical water-rounded stones called "Cuti". Complex and intense. Mature red fruits like currant and prune merged perfectly with herbs and scents of cocoa. It's spicy, silky and persistent. "

Paired with: Gorgonzola cheese. 

My notes: 

Second red wine. Full bodied. Cocoa nose. Rich. Goes well with the gorgonzola cheese. Spicy. Appeals to my palate. 14%. Grape: Nero d'Avola Riserva. Warming, fruits linger on the palate. Tannins present but not too drying. Don't strip your mouth of saliva after tasting. 

Last but not least, the sweet white wine! Yum! 

'Tagos' Family produced dessert wine. Sweet and soft, later harvest. 

" The lovely result of a long wait. Bright colour with intense golden reflections, balanced bouquet with scents of fruits and flowers, notes of honey and cinnamon follow. "

Paired with: Homemade Tiramisu. 

My notes: 

Tago. hand-picked. 13%. Yellowy-pink colour. Sweet but not overly so. Delicate flavour. served with a coffee dessert.

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening with Veeno, it was very interesting tasting all the wines and learning everything about them. The young chap who did my tasting was obviously new to it so was a bit nervous, obviously needing to refer to his notes but he was very good and with more training he would make quite the sommelier! 

As this tasting was booked for two and I went alone, I actually have another one to attend which I am very much looking forward to! Nothing like having a wine tasting in the bank to make miserable wintery days instantly brighter! haha! 

Big thanks to Veeno for having me, I can't wait to come back! 

Have you ever been to Veeno? Would you like to go?? What is your favourite wine from this tasting? 

Love, Sarah

*Veeno kindly invited me for a tasting in exchange for this review. All winey opinions my own! 

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