10 Things To Do In Winter | Don't Let The Cold Weather Get You Down | Stay Indoors Instead!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Hello there! I just wanted to stop by and let you know there are a few things you could do whilst staying inside over Winter, I mean, you're doing one of them right now by reading this blog post so thank you very much! Winter can be cold and boring as it's dark when you get up for work and it's most definitely dark and cold when you leave so with that in mind here are a few things you could do in between times to help make Winter a little bit easier for you.... 

Invest in a SAD Light; Seasonal Affective Disorder can affect so many people as the clocks change and the darkness draws in but by investing in one of these lights you can help to brighten your day as it gives you a burst of sunlight when there isn't that much around naturally. Clinically proven to help you can purchase SAD lights from a number of retailers from around £40. 

Get Outside; A simple thing but so easy to say no to when it's dark and cold outside but really, even if it's overcast and the sun isn't properly shining getting outside can really help, especially if you suffer from SAD. Just a few minutes during your lunch hour, or when you're taking that ASOS parcel back to the post office can really really help to lighten your mood and help you sleep at night so don't discount it because it's a little chilly outside, just wrap up warm, grab your bobble hat and step outside for a moment, you'll not regret it. 

Play online games; An odd one I know but seeing as we're all addicted to our phones/tablets anyway it seems like a good idea to put it in! If you're already addicted to the likes of Candy Crush or Animal Rescue then you'll be familiar with the way these work. Placing a bet on a game which doesn't need any deposit from you seems like a no-brainer to me really! So long as you can trust the site you're playing on then bet away. This is where Boomtown Bingo comes into play - just like Go Compare or Money Supermarket can help you save money on all the important housey stuff, then Boomtown Bingo can help ensure you play on only the best sites around as they do all the hard work for you! Just be safe and never spend more than you can afford to lose and stop when it stops being fun.

Start a Jigsaw or a new book; My Mum loves her jigsaws and always seems to have one on the go at some point! I used to do them when I was younger but I no longer have the patience they require so therefore I much prefer getting stuck into a new book instead! My TBR pile is getting bigger every week so I love nothing more in Winter than curling up under a blanket with a hot chocolate in hand ready to escape into another world. Being part of Jenny's Blog Tours really helps because I get to read and review loads of books! Always fun to discover new authors and get excited about books from ones already loved.

Read recipe books; I admit it, I love reading cookbooks/food magazines, I love drooling over the pictures and imagining that, yes, I can totally make that but in reality never doing so! As I have recently become pescatarian (given up meat but still eating fish) I am now hoarding Vegan Food Magazine and Vegetarian Life looking for ideas, tips and what other things I should be eating or taking care of because I no longer get protein from meat. I am going to be doing Veganuary after Christmas so I am going to be doing this on the regular and *potentially* testing out some new recipes and blogging about them so keep your eyes peeled! 

Take a bath; Nothing better in autumn/winter than disappearing into a gorgeous hot bath filled to the brim with bubbles, I absolutely love doing this after work and letting the hot water ease my muscles. I love using the bath bombs and bubbles from The Body Shop which just add a whole extra layer of sumptuous to my bath time routine. Taking yourself away from the stresses and strains of daily life whilst perhaps listening to music, reading a book or watching your favourite TV series or youtube videos. Perfect.

Need I say more?! They can be the perfect distraction from everyday life and you never know what you might pick up from them which could help you in your everyday life! I find reading blogs (and commenting on them!) to be a massive stress reliever and a fun way to interact and support your friends online. It doesn't take long to click on a link from Facebook or Twitter and who knows where you may end up afterwards! 

Watch films; I love watching films old and new and have an Odeon Limitless card which allows me to watch as many films as I want to as many times as I like for £18 a month. Yes a bit of investment but so worth it and despite the fact I have to step outside of my very warm flat to go, it's always worth it because escaping into another world really relaxes me. But putting on a DVD or choosing one from Netflix can also give the same effect. Even better if you add in popcorn, a blanket and snacks!

Call a friend; Friends are the family we choose for ourselves and so it's natural that we want to spend time with them and they can definitely make us feel better when our own lives are not so good. I'm sure they would appreciate the call from you and it may even make them smile which is definitely a good thing and who knows what you could organise whilst chatting to you!

Become Creative; Now that the dark, cold nights are drawing in what better time to get started on that creative project you've been putting off all year?! You may not be that good, or you may find something which you're really good at, either way it's fun to do something new and challenge yourself. I have a sewing - cross stitch - pattern to do which slightly scares me because I haven't done anything like that since school! LOL!

So there you have it! Just a few things which may just keep you busy this Winter or at least help you out with what to do when it's dark and cold outside and you don't feel like moving off the sofa! I'd like to add in one more actually, writing letters to friends because I have made so many new friends through becoming pen pals and it is honestly such a pick me up to see a letter on the mat which isn't a bill. It is always so lovely to sit down with a cuppa and take time to read and reply to each one. It honestly warms my heart and I am so lucky to have so many wonderful ladies to write to. 

Loads of love,
Sarah xoxoxoxox

*Paid collaboration post but all thoughts my own. 

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