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Friday, 8 December 2017

If you're anything like me you love nothing better than staying inside, snuggling up on your sofa (preferably under a blanket!) with a hot chocolate in hand all ready to binge watch your favourite box-sets. Having the perfect media to watch them on just makes everything better and that's where Panasonic come in; their Premium 650-inch HDR 4K TVs have a sleek design and a beautifully bright colourful display which no doubt really helps when watching a really pivotal scene in your favourite show! We actually have a UHD 4K TV and I can definitely say that the picture quality is second to none and everything is really sharp, I wouldn't be without it now for sure! 

Anyway, onto the important part of this post, the Box-Sets and Sky Originals I am loving this Winter! (The majority of these can be found on Sky either in Box-Sets or Catch Up)

Madame Secretary

Having left her job as a CIA analyst for ethical reasons, newly appointed Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord returns to public life at the request of the president, after the suspicious death of her predecessor. Valued by her boss for her apolitical leanings, knowledge of the Middle East, language skills and creative thinking, Elizabeth drives international diplomacy, battles office politics and circumvents protocol while negotiating national and international issues. At home, politics and compromise take on new meaning with her supportive husband and three bright kids. This show is my new favourite, I was searching for something to watch on Sky Box-Sets and having seen the adverts for the new season of Madame Secretary I thought, " why don't I watch this from the beginning because it looks interesting" and I was right it is brilliant, Téa Leoni as Elizabeth just sets the bar so high for female actors in a lead role. I am kept gripped week after week and cannot wait to be all caught up with the newest series! A highly addictive, powerful, political thriller which will have you clicking 'next episode' quicker than you can blink! 

The Good Doctor

Another Sky Living show, this one is relatively new but because I am recording it each week, it means I can let it build up and then 'binge' on 2 or 3 episodes each time! This one tells the story of Shaun Murphy a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, who relocates from a quiet country life to join a prestigious hospital's surgical unit where he uses his extraordinary medical gifts to save lives and challenge the scepticism of his colleagues. As soon as I saw the adverts for this one, I knew it would be one I had to set a series link up for, I just loved how it seemed as though he was somehow able to see inside people's bodies unlike his fellow surgeons. (some of whom disliked someone so young being allowed to operate.) Shaun's story is also revealed as the weeks go on and it's very sad mainly involving abuse and the death of his much beloved brother. I really like Shaun and whatever situation he is thrown into - again mainly due to his colleagues who disliked him immediately - he always manages to find a way to learn from it which is just so adorable. I am looking forward to much more the 'The Good Doctor' in the months to come! 

Criminal Minds

It seems like I have been watching this programme forever and with 13 seasons I might be right! Following the Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) - based at the FBI Headquarters in Quantico, Washington, - each week sees them fly off to a new town to help out a local police force with a new case. With their crack team of officers and their knowledge in knowing how to break down and analyse an un-sub (un-identified suspect) working out how and why they do what they do and eventually tracking them down and making the arrest. I particularly like Morgan (sadly not in it anymore ;( ), Reid the very clever doctor who has an amazing memory, being able to read pages of books and remember everything instantly! He also has an amazing way of being able to read people and is a crucial member of the team. My other favourite is Penelope Garcia - the former computer hacker turned FBI operative who garners all sorts of information for the team whilst they're busy cracking the case. Together they're a formidable team who somehow manage to solve every case they're tasked with. As the seasons go on we get to know each of the team members better and it helps to make each character more rounded and thus brings more meaning to each storyline and character. Definitely recommened! 


A Sky Originals production and definitely one you should check out! I started watching this after my manager at work recommended it and I even got my Mum into it so I guess that shows just how good this show is! This intoxicating thriller follows the moral descent of American art dealer Georgina Cilos, whose idyllic life is shattered when her billionaire husband is killed in mysterious circumstances. But his death leads Georgina into the shadowy, criminal underworld that lurks beneath dazzling fortunes. Julia Stiles is brilliant in this role and if you haven't seen her act since Step Up then you are in for a treat, she plays the part of Georgina really well. The twists and turns of this show keep you gripped week after week and I certainly kept coming back because I just HAD to know what happened and if Georgina had discovered anything new about her husband's mysterious death. If you're a fan of high society, intrigue and mystery then I urge you to seek out Riviera because you will not be disappointed.

So there you have it, just a few of the shows I have been loving this Winter, I hope you have found something new to watch. If you have any favourite shows you think I might be interested in then please leave them below as I'd love to know your favourites! 

Love, Sarah

*Paid collaboration but all opinions my own. 

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