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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

So as you may already know, on 13th January held their bi-annual Blog At The Beach Event in Leeds and I managed to get on their ever so exclusive invite list.I couldn't wait to meet all my blogging friends in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. 

If you don't know who are then let me explain. They're a price comparison site for your holidays, you simply enter your chosen destination and dates and they sort through hundreds of deals to find you the right one. They partner up with loads of other holiday companies so you can be sure of finding the very best deal - saving you both time and money! I absolutely love them and am forever on their site (which is now all new and improved - check out their new mobile site for holiday surfing whilst commuting!) dreaming of my next getaway! 

I am one of those people who wishes they could plan a last minute spontaneous getaway but in reality has a job to attend to, a blog to write and baths to be taken so I end up closing all tabs and instead getting back to the 9-5 (or 5-12!) grind! But I am determined to use my holiday leave more wisely this year and at least plan a city break for sometime later in the year. One of the places I would love to visit this year is Liverpool. My Mum is originally from a town not far from there and I have blogger friends (yyaayy!) who live nearby so it would be amazing to escape the daily grind and refresh myself in a completely new environment. I always find when I go away that being somewhere new stimulates me, wakes my brain up and forces me to concentrate on where my feet are going. I am not the best at map reading but even I can manage following signs and simple routes on maps to a new destination. Train travel is so easy nowadays and whilst it might not be the cheapest, if you book ahead you're always (or at least SHOULD be!) guaranteed a good deal. I know when I planned my trip to Edinburgh that I saved so much money by booking it so far in advance. When I saw the difference I was literally gobsmacked! More money to spend when I got there! I was also able to get a great deal on entrance to the castle - something I was going to do anyway. If you can book ahead and search out deals for days out/mutli-trip passes or entrance to an attraction it is well worth it in my eyes. Especially if you have a family.

Soon after Edinburgh I was having withdrawals and longed to be taken away on a train somewhere different again so it was with this mindset that I booked another trip, this time to Glasgow. Two Scottish cities I had never been to before and I had managed to visit them both. Just what I needed, I don't know about you but I always like to have something to look forward to, an event or a holiday to get me through the hard times at work. And life, sometimes I need to get away to escape life, or for life to escape me. Whichever! If I have a date set when I'm going away then it makes me happier at work because I can count down the number of shifts left until I'm off travelling again!

Have you ever used's new mobile interface? It couldn't be easier to search for holidays, whether that be abroad or just a staycation like mine. With mobiles being used more and more like mini computers, saw the need to upgrade their website to be more mobile friendly, making it easy to navigate whilst on your commute or during a lunch break. We're more likely than ever now to be using our mobiles instead of say a traditional computer, or even a laptop; especially when we're on the move so much with commuting to and from work, en route to the gym, after the school drop off/pick much opportunity. I can for one attest to this site being ever so slightly addictive....I am not held responsible for any wanderlust which may occur! 

Follow along in the pics below:

So as you can see, the mobile site is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I'm sure you'll have been on their site on your laptop before but having easy, quick access like this really makes booking your next getaway so much easier! 

Their event - Blog At The Beach 2018 - was absolutely brilliant and I loved meeting the team again and getting to hang out with my besties! There's something about being surrounded by like-minded women and men who are just bossing it in their own ways that makes me very inspired to publish my next post and pitch to new brands. One of the speakers at the event - Kirsty Leanne was talking about that very aspect of blogging and just how to formulate a pitch to a brand. It can seem quite scary but one you've done it once it does become easier - trust me! Although, just like sending in your CV for a prospective job, the waiting is hell and you begin to wonder what you did wrong when you don't hear back from them! Rest assured that just like you and me the PRs are busy people and have other work to do and agendas to fulfil so a little 'did you see my last pitch email' doesn't hurt and often, your email probably just got lost in their inbox! It happens so don't be disheartened, just concentrate on your other emails and blog posts, the right email will come into your inbox without you even realising it sometimes!

I am yet to begin pitching for 2018 - the fallout from THAT blogger's pitch email has put me off somewhat, plus I have quite a few posts to write myself anyway - but I know that when I am ready I have the tools to write a successful one and secure myself some incredible opportunities should I so choose. This is the wonderful thing about the blogging community as a whole, there is always someone out there who has written a post about what it is you're in need of! And with us all being friendly, a quick tweet is sure to be answered pointing you in the right direction! You shouldn't be put off pitching to brands, or even just introducing yourself and seeing if they have any opportunities which may be of relevance to your and your blog niche. You never know, they may remember you and be one of the first they come to when such an opportunity arises. A quick hello may reap big rewards! 

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about who are as a brand - one who absolutely understand the power of online influencers and are very willing to work with them! Don't be afraid of saying hello over on their twitter they really are so friendly! 

Happy holiday shopping! 

Love, Sarah

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