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Thursday, 18 January 2018

So another post about something I did last year......yeah that's what happens when you work full time over Christmas and New Year and then get sick once it's all over! haha! Anyway, I'm sure you'll still enjoy hearing all about my day out with some lovely ladies as part of Blogging Up North. 

Brewtown Tours are a Yorkshire based company who provide the ultimate experience when it comes to touring breweries in Leeds or York, their knowledge of the craft and their relationships with each brewery makes for an individually tailored trip which is bound to excite even the most hardened of beer fans and even those who claim 'I don't drink beer!'. Let's find out what happened shall we?! 

I was kindly invited by Sophie from Mama Mei who also vlogs, has her own media company and is a qualified journalist! Oh and she also has two children...I mean this lady is superwoman I don't know she fits it all in...! The other ladies who joined myself and the lovely Janet (whom you may recognise from my Gin Festival post!) were Charlotte, Jenny and Amy. It was really great to meet them as I always get inspired whenever I meet fellow bloggers plus with us all being local there's a chance we could all meet up again! You can never have too many blogging pals! I am already looking forward to our next meet up! 

We had a rather tasty looking itinerary - Yorkshire Heart, Quirky Ales and Monk's Brewery. We would meet the guys behind the breweries, have a little tour/talk and then get to taste! The best part right?! I was already excited and the tour hadn't yet begun....!

Tim the brewery Manager at Yorkshire Heart (our first stop) was very kind in letting us into this brewery, I really loved hearing how he makes the beer, the processes involved and of course tasting the end result! We started off by sampling their new gluten free beer which was actually really lovely and I wouldn't have known it was GF! Very tasty and not too hoppy.

Tim explained they have a core range of beers but then always bring out new ones which coincide with Christmas or Valentines. My favourite was definitely the Rhubarb beer, so so delicious! I bought my Dad a bottle of Santa's Little Belcher for Christmas and he is as yet to drink it! 

Tim was very generous with his time and the number of beers we were given to taste, I thought that we'd only get a small shot size glass but what we actually got was a half pint glass full! We had to be careful because this was only the first stop! haha!

Yorkshire Heart (based in Nun Munkton) was small but perfectly formed and as we were to learn, there's a whole lot of cleaning involved and that the brewery is usually run by one or two people. Only when production is ramped up do they employ more people to help bottle the beer. Quite amazing actually! I really enjoyed Yorkshire Heart, i will definitely be back! 

OK, up next was Quirky Ales  which is based in Garforth, West Yorkshire. Established in 2015 they are already building a reputation which far exceeds some of the local bars! They produce high quality cask conditioned real ales and a variety of bottle-conditioned beers.

We were welcomed in from the cold with a nice glass or three of their beers and got to know Richard the owner (who used to be in the police! eee!) who told us his story whilst we sipped away. Usually I don't like dark ales like this Porter below but actually it was really nice! Just goes to show that you shouldn't judge a beer by it's colour!

This anniversary beer was actually made by a girl called Annie who worked at Quirky for about 6 months! It was a really lovely light beer which was pleasant on the palate. 

Whilst at Quirky we got the chance to tap, bottle and cap our very own bottle of cask-conditioned beer! Brilliant! 

I bottled my own beer! 🍻 I had such a great time with the ladies from #bloggingupnorth #influencers yesterday. Thanks so much to @mamameiblog for organising it all I had such a great day! Xo 😘🙌🍻🚍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - @amumfullofdreams @falcondalejan @lifestyledbyj @charlottecorner @mamameiblog @brewtown_tours @yorkshire_heart @quirkycraftales @northernmonk @northernmonkrefectory - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #brewtowntours #craftales #beer #craftbeer #Yorkshire #Leeds #foodspiration #foodlife #instafood #eeeeats #agameoftones #thisishowihueit #howihue #thisnortherngirlcan @thenorthernniche @weblognorth @beechatcommunity #feedfeed #onthetable #foodoftheday #foodaddict #foodlife #foodgram #foodie_features #foodinsta #huffposttaste #hautecusines #thekitchen #foodsforthought #justgoshoot
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This was ridiculously good fun! I tapped the cask which meant we were able to then pour the beer from the cask into our bottles....cue a lot of giggles and beer all over the floor! haha! Oh dear...I'm not sure we'll be invited back!! Whoops!

It was fascinating to learn more about Quirky Ales - in fact I felt like my eyes were being opened to new places to visit and explore. I love finding new places to go in Yorkshire and I know my Dad would absolutely love going on this tour (or the York one!) so it was great to 'scope it out' if you like and then be able to go back and tell him all about my day! I may even think about buying a voucher for his Birthday in April! (and of course I'll have to go with him..! haha!)

Next up was Northern Monk Brewery Company based in Holbeck Leeds, not that far from the train station! I didn't even know it was there! The whole area has been having something of a rejuvenation since it was known as the 'red light district!' lots of businesses and food/drink spots are popping up and bringing more people to the area. Fabulous!

To be honest, i can't really remember much of what happened when we got to this point other than we met Owen, had a tour of the brewery, were given beers to taste and deciding where we wanted to be dropped off afterwards...! I think the fact that by this point we had been drinking *tasting* all day coupled with how long this post has taken me to write, has meant that my mind's gone blank! But I do know that I very muchly enjoyed the Mango Lassie beer we had, would have loved to have tasted the Neapolitan Ice Cream flavour and had had a thoroughly enjoyable day!! 

I would highly highly recommend going on Mark's Brewtown Tours if you or your other half is interested in beer. I really had one of the best days out I've had in a while it was really fun learning how beer is made and the whole process involved. I also had a great day with the girls! Making friends and creating memories is what blogging is all about for me and I am so looking forward to our next adventure! Perhaps Mark's Gin Tour in March!?!?!? 

Find out more information by visiting the Brewtown Tours website and Facebook page

Thanks Mark for having us and helping us to create some really fun memories! 

Love, Sarah

*Tour kindly provided in exchange for my review. All beer related opinions my own. 

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