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Friday, 19 January 2018

When Panasonic challenged me to find photos which was mainly monochrome with a flash of colour with the emphasis being on impactful low light imagery, I knew as soon as I came across the photo above that it would be the one I chose. I took this particular photo when I was in Glasgow last year and had gone to the Kelvin Grove Art Gallery & Museum - they were hosting a comic book exhibition which I just had to attend. There were loads of storyboards taken from old comics over the years, showing the artist's pencil drawings alongside the finished colour piece, it was fascinating. I love how the colours stand out more because of the black background - the spotlight really illuminates the characters. 

Another photo which I love because of the way the colours stand out is the one below. It's kind of the opposite of the Batman & Robin one because of the fact that it's the background which stands out and the characters themselves are dark. They stand out because of the lighter background and your eye is immediately drawn to the character in red because of the colour standing out so much against the rest of the colours in the picture. It definitely made me stop when I was walking around the exhibition. 

This is the magic of finding colour in darkness. Sometimes when shooting in low light the photos don't turn out so good, but perhaps it's more to do with the camera not being adjusted correctly to shoot when there isn't any light. Sometimes it's more of shooting and seeing what happens.

Another photo I love which focuses on the colours is this one which I took of my dessert when I went out for dinner to Restaurant 92 just after I had made the commitment to go vegetarian. It was a delicious meal and me being a blogger took my camera along to capture it all! When the dessert was presented my eye was immediately drawn to how the colour of the tart stood out against the black plate it was served on. This is a common trick in restaurants where they bring the food to life by carefully selecting how they will place it on the plate as well as choosing what to serve it on and how best to bring out the colours of the food. It worked fabulously here and it is making me hungry again just looking at it!

The new camera from Panasonic is high-performance, working brilliantly in low-light, which is perfect for getting creative in challenging environments. Personally I am in love with the way it effortlessly picks up the steel wool being burnt and swung around in the video below. As bloggers and vloggers we are all on the lookout for the next best thing, the camera which will work for us when Autumn and Winter hit and we can't take decent pictures/videos because of the light! I have a feeling this is going to be very popular in the blogosphere! 

Check out the video to see it in action.

Let me know what you think about this new camera and if you have ever found colour in darkness. 

Love, Sarah

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