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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Ahh, flowers, every girl's dream right?! Well ok, some ladies (and lads!) out there may not love flowers as much as I do. Having a fresh bunch in my kitchen really does make me smile and lift my spirits, especially when they've come from someone whose last name is Garland! haha! 

Freddie's flowers was started about 3 years ago by Freddie, after he saw Abe & Co delivering fresh veggie boxes to peoples homes and saw the joy it brought to them. He wondered if he could do the same with flowers (both his parents were florists!) and so 'Freddie's Flowers' was born! 

For only £22 a month you can have fresh flowers delivered to your door, all carefully wrapped with a beautiful care card and two sachets of flowers food. So even if you're not so green fingered like myself, you can ensure your blooms last for weeks on end. One of the previous bunches I've had lasted for a month! I know I still can't believe it! I guess it just goes to show the quality of the flowers you receive and how well they last with the proper care and attention paid to them.

Freddie's Flowers are gaining more and more customers every week and with good reason because their flowers are incredible, last for ages and are delivered on time in carefully thought out packaging. 

The bunch I received were known as 'Sweet and Tasty' and included: 

Eryngium 'Orion'

This bluey green thistle works perfectly with the soft roses and adds a touch of spikiness to the bunch

Eucalyphus Cinerea, 

fresh, seasonal foliage with a lovely, light scent. Grown over in Ireland by freddie's foliage man James. 


Giving the bunch a wild, wintery look this waxflowers has a wonderful scent. Try crushing one of the heads between your fingers.

Rose 'Sweet Avalanche' 

Peachy pink in colour, these roses might have a bit of browning on the petals. This is completely natural and gives them a rather vintage look. 


The first tulips of the year, this white variety is perfect to bring in the new year.


'Our flowers are so incredibly fresh that some of them arrive closed. they'll open over the next few days and I hope you enjoy watching them unfurl. To get the best from your flowers, please pop them in water pronto then change the water every few days.'

' Using sharp, clean secateurs (or scissors!) trim each stem by one inch. 
Use your Freddie's Flowers food. 
Change the water every three days. Keep away from draughts, sunlight and fruit bowls! '

I really adore Freddie's Flowers, it is a business I will continue to support and one I hope goes from strength to strength. Seeing a big brown box come through the door every month will never fail to make me smile and arranging them is something I am learning. The fact that they last so well is down to how fresh they are when they arrive and how easy it is to care for them. My 'sweet and tasty' bunch is still going strong today and always brings a smile to my face. I know how much joy they bring to me and so it is with this in mind that I extend an offer to you, my readers; how do you fancy 50% off two boxes when you sign up this month. Amazing hey? Who needs January blues when you know you'll be getting a beautiful delivery of blooms for half price?! You can use my invite code too if you fancy it and when you do, not only will your box be free but I will also get a free box every time someone signs up! What's not to love?! 


Thanks for reading, I hope I have cheered up your day by posting about flowers. They really can turn a rainy day upside down! 

Love Sarah

*Flowers sent to me in return for this review but all opinions my own. 

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