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Sunday, 7 January 2018

So it's 2018, a whole new year has rolled around for us to enjoy and do whatever we want, be whoever we want and decide where we want to go. I know for some of us this can be a daunting prospect, another 365 days for you to battle through and pray you make it through the other side. I feel you, as much as I love the new year and eagerly make plans for the future I do wonder 'will I have enough time to do the things I want to do and see the people who matter most to me?'. I only got to see one of my best friends when I went home for Christmas and it made me incredibly sad. How had a year slipped by without me seeing them!? Where had my time gone and what had I done with all my time off?? Wasted it, apparently. So I am already making plans to go back home at the end of January to see them all again. I am making promises to myself to make the most of my days off, talking to my managers and seeing if I can have an extra day off every so often so I can go home after work on a Monday afternoon and not need to come back until Friday evening. Taking the train directly to my best friend's house and staying with her and her gorgeous family, making the most of every second because time is short and I desperately want to make the most of it before it all runs out. 

I also need, no want to get myself out there more because if 2017 taught me anything, it's that I need to make more friends and make the most of the ones I have made since moving to my adopted home town. I know we're all busy, some more than most but we can all make time for each other. I'm not saying I want to be busy every night of the week or anything but it would be good to have a few events or catch ups with friends booked in occasionally. I need to be more proactive about this and actually make the effort to reach out to friends and ensure that I have at least tried to make a date in the diary. I also need to physically get out there more - in case you didn't know I have signed up for RED January where I am meant to be running everyday (!), but as yet I haven't been because of work and then illness! But I am determined now I am better to make the most of it and move my body more, not that I *need* to lose weight but it would be good to feel a bit fitter and be able to move easier. (Find my Go Fund Me Profile here

I would love to plan a little holiday for myself too, unfortunately I doubt I'll be able to get away anywhere abroad this year, but a little trip somewhere new to meet more of my gorgeous blogger and snail mail friends will make me so happy. I have previously been to Edinburgh and Glasgow to meet Charlene and Hayley which I absolutely loved. Meeting Abbey at the Blogger's Blog Awards was also another highlight and I am desperate to go to Leicester to visit her and go for Afternoon Tea together! Another blogger and snail mail friend I would love to meet is the beautiful Sharon, I love writing to her and I have visions of us eating ice cream together on the seafront! haha! It is so important to my mental health that I do this, I always feel so much better whenever I have met friends previously so I am determined to more of this in 2018.

I would love to have more photoshoots in 2018 as well. I have had 2 previously (one with Kaye Ford and more recently with Laura Haley), absolutely loved them both and feel like I have learned so much from each of them. The most obvious is, smile more! haha! In fact I have another one booked in with Laura for February so watch this space! I want to continue to make memories in 2018 and part of that is to take more photos myself and actually print them out because I don't have many physical photos so it would be lovely to fill a scrapbook or have frames on the wall full of all my favourite pictures. 

I love creating memories and photos are a part of that for me - I want to take the stress out of 'will this look good for Instagram' or 'I need to take a picture for the 'gram!'. Yes we all love taking photos for our grid which we have spent hours honing and curating (myself included!) but I also want to get back to that instant photo feeling, where I just capture memories and document my days. I don't need another thing to physically do this with I just need to make the time to sort through my photos and decide which ones I want to print out. It doesn't take long but I know in the long run it will make me happier.

Blogging is something else which I want to continue to do in the new year and throughout 2018. I have loved doing it for the past 5 and I am really looking forward to celebrating my blog's 6th birthday in March! I can't believe it has been that long and that I haven't given it up....I would really love to push my blog further than ever (when I get the time!) especially where sponsored posts are concerned. I love creating content for brands about a subject I am passionate about, so I hope you don't mind the occasional post which I have been compensated for. (Check out my latest post for Rigby Financial if you like!) There will of course still be review posts - I have a few I need to write up from the back end of 2017 including Brewtown Tours and the Harrogate Gin Festival so look out for those coming SOON! 

I'd also love to get back to horse riding as I absolutely love it and I really miss it when I'm not doing it! I used to volunteer with the riding for the disabled but with the riding school being so far out and the transport situation involving walking down a dark road I couldn't continue with it. But making time to actually go down there for a hack when the weather's good will also make my mental health much better as I am always happy whenever I am near horses.

Another love of mine is film, I absolutely love walking down to my local Odeon to watch the latest releases. It has been almost a year since I took out Limitless Membership and I haven't looked back, being able to see as many films as many times as I like makes me so so happy. It is so good to lose myself in film and forget about everyday life for a while. My favourite at the moment is 'The Greatest Showman' which is absolutely brilliant and you must get yourself down to your local cinema to see, I have been playing the soundtrack non-stop since seeing it and am already booked in to see it again on Monday! There are more incredible films coming out next week which I want to see, namely 'Molly's Game' and 'All The Money In The World'. The best thing about a new year is definitely all the new films due for release! I am already looking forward to planning out my film schedule for the months ahead! 

I'd also love to get back into cooking as I do love it when I get the time to get creative in the kitchen! As I have recently given up meat I feel I have a whole wealth of recipes waiting for me to try out! In fact I am taking part in 'Veganuary' this month which is proving to be a teeny bit trickier than being vegetarian (or pescatarian in my case!) but I happily accept the challenge and am armed with new recipe books ready and waiting to be utilised! I am hoping to get a few brands on board this journey so watch this space to see where it takes me! I am very excited to be doing this and am already feeling the benefits!

So, there you have it, a few of the things I am excited about for 2018. Not resolutions as such but just a list of what I would like to do more of and where I want my time to be spent. Have you made any resolutions yet? What do you want to make more time for this year? Let me know in the comments below! Happy New Year!

Love, Sarah

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