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Saturday, 6 January 2018

January has me dreaming of holidays and reminiscing of ones I've taken previously. The picture above was taken during my 22 month holiday in Australia and is of the Whitsundays. One of the most amazing places I have ever been to, pure white silica sand, turquoise waters and pods of stringrays. I have never seen anything so magical or perfect in my life. It was even better because my sister was with me - sharing this adventure together meant so much more than taking it all in alone. 

My sister had even helped me out with all of my flights as she works for Flight Centre so was able to get me a good deal! Plus she sorted out her own flights to and from Australia too! Something else which we both needed before setting off for this adventure was travel insurance,something which is as vital as your passport in my opinion. 

Cancellations, delays, accidents and incidents of food poisoning can happen to anyone at anytime so it is always best to make like a girl guide and be prepared. One company which can help you with that is Rigby Financial who offer a wide range of insurance and financial services for individuals. They take the hassle out of finding comprehensive travel insurance at a price which will not leave you out of pocket. 

It would not have been good to have had an accident whilst being in paradise, getting back to the mainland and lying in a hospital bed only to wonder how am I going to pay for this instead of relaxing knowing that I was covered by my travel insurance! In my experience it is always best for your start date to be as soon as you're looking into it because you never know what could happen before you leave - knowing what the UK weather is like, your flight could be delayed because of snow or freak winds! Haha! 

Australia really was a dream adventure, spending 22 months travelling around Queensland, the Northern Territories, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. You can read more about my time 'down under' here, 'Outback Edition' and 'Australia Dreaming'. I had the absolute time of my life, discovering a place I never thought I would get the chance to. It is such a big country that one visit was never going to be enough so I am hoping to eventually travel back there, I still have so much to see! Plus I would love to go back to Melbourne as it was the city I fell in love with the most, so urban, eclectic, full of little hidden alleyways and graffiti-ed walls which would change as often as the sun and moon. 

Never before have I felt so at home in a place I've never visited, felt like a local instead of a tourist, like this was where I was meant to be all along. Like I could breathe and take my time to come back to centre before heading out again, take my time to properly explore everything the city had to offer, make new friends and start to live. 

Sydney was too busy, noisy and frenetic. I couldn't find myself. But it will forever have a place in my heart because I got to watch the most iconic of firework shows in 2013. I'm glad I visited but wouldn't hurry back. The Gold Coast was more my bag, more relaxed and full of hippie surfers; it was here that I learnt that all important Aussie skill - surfing! I may not have been very good but it felt good to be trying! 

Backpacking and camping out under the stars was where it was at. This was the real Aussie experience I was after, sleeping out under the stars on a swag and cooking on gas, watching the sunset every night and making new friends. Trekking down paths into hidden pools and back out again. Buying dehydration sachets to ensure we didn't die whilst trekking in the desert and finding hidden cave paintings from years ago. 

Having a professional company looking after you means that the only thing you have to do on your holiday is relax and enjoy every single moment. At Rigby Financial, they will even text you your policy details and a local number to call in an emergency - all the better when you're worried enough in a foreign country without searching everywhere for paperwork or emails! 

Having that safety net really helped me to relax and just get on with soaking up every moment whilst I was away in Australia. I never needed it, but working with horses meant that I needed more protection than most so having the flexibility of choosing the right travel insurance meant I was able to fully enjoy my Australian Adventure without missing out or worrying I wouldn't be covered. 

Do the right thing before you fly and check out Rigby financial for all your travel insurance needs! 

Love, Sarah

*Sponsored Post but all opinions my own. 

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