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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Valentine's Day come but once a year and for most of my friends and family it's a time to celebrate the one you're with. Some go all out, others preferring to recycle last year's card, buy some flowers and say "I love you". However you celebrate it, you can't deny that having one day dedicated to love and all that comes with it is pretty darn special. I know if I had a significant other I would probably go all out and get them all their favourite foods. flowers, drinks etc and maybe even bake a cake?! I'd spoil them so that they knew exactly just how much I loved them. Although you could say that it's the small things everyday which matter more rather than one big gesture on the same day as everyone else; I can agree with you here because for me that's exactly what love is, all the small, almost insignificant gestures which go unnoticed everyday. 

Love is a complicated issue, some say it's .."better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.." and whilst that's true, I think sometimes it's harder because you know exactly what you're missing. I count myself lucky that although I've had partners in the past, I have never actually been in love. I've seen many friends' relationships and marriages fall apart because one partner decided they didn't love them anymore. You could say I'm guarding my heart against pain by not being in a relationship myself and I suppose you're right but there's always the option to open myself up to love should it show itself somewhere down the line. 

"Love is a many splendid thing" and I guess that it is. I look to my parents and grandparents for that, I'm constantly asking my Mum "Where did you find him?!" after my Dad does something stupid! Mum always says she found him in the reject bin at the charity sale! To be able to joke about the man you love like this and have him agree with you is surely what true love is all about? Seeing the way my Granny cared for my Grandpa before he died made my heart melt because their love has survived so much more than even my sister and her husband have been through. I do worry that I'll not find someone to hold my hand when I'm 80 and still want to take me out but I guess that's where making your own happiness come in? Your future may not be the same as everyone else's but if you're truly happy with your life and the choices you've made, who's to argue with you? I guess my happy ending will just be a little different to the traditional and that's okay you know? Whatever ending your fairytale has, just make sure your prince or princess treats you right.

For most people, buying gifts is one way in which they show their significant other how much they mean to them whether this be a simple card and a bunch of roses or something more personal. I always find photos bring memories to life and make people smile. This beautiful handmade oak photocube filled with chocolate hearts with space for four photos around the edge and personalisation on the lid would make the perfect gift. You can make the photos really personal and unique to your and your partner, fill the spaces with funny memories or perhaps photos of your wedding. Memories of days filled with fun which will last longer than the chocolates.

Personalised Photo Frames and Personalised Valentine's Gifts  add another element to the usual Valentine's gifts. I know I always love receiving something which has my name or initial on it, it just makes it feel more 'mine' somehow. I'm sure the person receiving this gorgeous oak photo cube will love it even more knowing that you took the time to get their name/s engraved on the box. Even adding in the four photos around the edge is a different layer to a gift which symbolises your love, it would be a gift which would stand the test of time, a bit like your relationship. Imagine yourself years down the line (hopefully still together!) and having this gorgeous reminder of Valentine's gone by. A symbol to bring happy memories to the surface and reminisce over. 

The photocube (kindly gifted to me by GiftsOnline4u) retails for £24.99 and I absolutely adore it. As you can probably see it doesn't feature my name and that would be because I am gifting it to my sister and her husband who got married in 2015. I wanted it to be a special memento of their happy day and I am planning on getting photos printed out to place in the picture frames too. They have been married for 3 years come November and whilst leather is the more traditional gift for this anniversary; I know just how much my sister in particular will love this gift and it will have pride of place on her mantelpiece. Especially if I put in a photo of her adorable dog Pickles!

However you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day this year, I hope you have an amazing day filled with love, wine, chocolate and roses. You don't have to be in relationship to celebrate love, you could cook yourself your favourite meal, take yourself out on a solo date or even stay in and watch your favourite film or box set. Make the day about you, your family and your friends and who matters most in your life. But most importantly, please remember, it's only one day and everything goes on sale on 15th February! 

Happy Valentine's Day. 

Love, Sarah

*post in collaboration with Giftsonline4u, all opinions my own. 
*photos by Laura Haley Photography (last one my own)

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