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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

My baby. I absolutely loved my Nissan Micra S, when I got her I couldn't believe my luck! A definite upgrade from my previous Nissan which had no power steering,/cd player/air conditioning/electric windows! I found my 'Nessy' very easy to drive after learning on my old one, she had been very well looked after by her previous owner which made for an easy transition for me when she came into my life. Having been through the car buying process I decided to write this post just in case any of my readers are in the process themselves or are thinking about upgrading their cars this year. This is a sponsored post with

Do Your Research! 

Obviously this quite an obvious one but when it comes to car shopping, it pays to sit down and make a list of requirements for your new purchase. Do you have a family and need more space to fit everyone in? Have you recently moved out to the country so are in the market for a larger, more robust vehicle which can deal with narrow country lanes and driving over muddy fields? Or perhaps a small, city type care is more your bag? Whatever your after you'll feel much better about things if you know exactly what you need and more importantly what budget you have! Check the value of the car/s you are interested in a monthly used car guide, that way you'll know how much to set aside. 

Set a budget!

Buying a new car, whether that be a second hand one or one straight off the lot money is going to be involved, depending on your requirements and favoured make/model. Having a realistic budget means that you'll know what kind of price range to aim for and how much you are willing to bargain with. Negotiation skills come in handy here too! 

Prepare to negotiate! 

So you've found your perfect car, all that hard work and research you did beforehand has paid off, you're all set to hand over your cash and then the seller suddenly decides to up the price! Nightmare! You could simply walk away but then you'd be back at square one again, so this is where your negotiation skills come in handy! Being able to barter the price down to within your budget will make everything easier down the line. Hopefully the seller is on board with this and allow you to make a different, albeit still reasonable, offer. If it doesn't work out then perhaps that car wasn't meant to be but if it does congratulations! It will feel all the sweeter for having saved yourself some money! 

Be realistic

Sometimes you just have to be realistic about what is an absolute essential and what you can live without. Added extras may seem like a good idea but are usually very expensive to install! Perhaps there are two cars, both of which are within your budget but one has let's say expensive alloy wheels on it. Whilst they may look good you have to think longer term, like what happens if they need replacing? How much extra will it be in comparison to normal tyres? They're not exactly the cheapest part to replace on any car! If your budget doesn't quite stretch then maybe the one without the fancy wheels will suffice and you can then spend that extra money on insurance say. 

Test Drive

Probably the most important element about buying a car is the ability to 'try before you buy' by having a test drive. This is very important because you can get the chance to feel how the car handles, what the drive is like, if it's comfortable to drive, where all the controls are and if it lives up to your expectations. If the seller comes with you then it's a good chance to chat to them more about the car and ask any questions which may arise whilst driving it and they may be different to the ones you ask whilst looking at it! 

Ensure seller has all relevant documentation

All cars come with important documents like a warranty(usually 1-3 months), car insurance details, a service history and the standard car manuals. These are a legal requirement and you need to have proper insurance in place before you can drive the car away otherwise you could be breaking the law. A proper service history will tell you how old the car is, what, if any, work has been done on it and how recently. If you're unsure what to look for there's no harm in getting a professional to look over the car for you. You could use the AA or a similar company. 

I am Nissan Micra girl through and through and if I ever needed another car I would start looking for a Mica straight away. There's nothing that gets through the snow better or starts on a cold morning quite like a Micra! Such a trusty make of car and one I would choose to have again if needed as she tackled narrow country lanes, flooded tracks and urban living like nothing else. Maybe I'm biased because I've never driven anything other than a Micra before but I don't care! I would recommend Nissan to anyone looking for a reliable family car or a small, easily manoeuvrable car perfect for urban living. 

Let me know your favourite brand of car in the comments I'd love to know! 

Love, Sarah

*Sponsored post but all opinions my own. 

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