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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Hello there, today I am bringing you yet another travel related post. I know, i'm really spoiling you! Booking a holiday should be a stress free event, you flick through a few brochures, check all the holiday websites for the best prices, flight times and packages. But when it comes to actually choosing a holiday, what is it that makes you click book? Perhaps it's a beautiful resort with a stunning view of the beach, or the all inclusive buffet? Maybe though, it's a holiday with a low deposit, allowing you the freedom to choose a bigger bedroom with a better view? Or the fact you can pay the rest of just 14 weeks before you depart, allowing you to save up and properly budget for your time away. 

Whichever type of holiday you're after, whether that be family holiday, a romantic getaway or a week of fun in the sun with the girls, a low deposit holiday really can take all the stress away from you, allowing you more time and money to spend once you're actually in your destination. It could be the perfect antidote to the British winter, I mean if I could go away on a hot holiday I'd definitely do it! I'm always saying that I don't have the time or money to be able to go on a foreign holiday, never fully taking advantage of the 28 days holiday I get given every year despite always dreaming of getting on a plane and flying away. I know if I put my mind to it then I can and I will be able to go on holiday one day and I'm quite looking forward to it! 

For me, a low deposit holiday makes perfect sense because I'm not earning as much as I'd like to so therefore if I'm able to put a small amount and reserve a holiday, I know it will make me smile for days on end and I can then get on with earning my holiday money and of course pay off the rest of the holiday. It's a fact that just dreaming of and planning a holiday gets us into a better mindset and can make us happier, I know when i was planning my Cyprus holiday with my sister way back in 2011, the moment I stepped out of the travel agents with brochure in hand I had a massive smile on my face and just felt so much better about everything. I thoroughly enjoyed flicking through and choosing where to stay, which part of Cyprus I wanted to go to and what, if anything I wanted to do whilst I was there. Going with my sister just made everything 10x better because it was great not to have to go alone, we get on so well nowadays that it made perfect sense for us to go on holiday together! Plus it's always handy to have someone else around to help organise everything! 

One of my aims for the latter part of 2018 is to start saving for and planning my next holiday, I am determined to. Even if it's just a week away in Spain on the Costa Dorada or Portugal in the Algarve perhaps or Bulgaria on the Golden Sands. All these destinations only require a low deposit of under £100, making it so easy for me to choose where to stay and secure a holiday for myself. The kind of holidays I love are a mix of lazing by the pool, soaking up the sun and reading a book or three combined with sightseeing and soaking up the local culture; especially if that means I have to partake in sampling the local delicacies and wine! Hehe! 

One of my favourite parts of holidaying abroad is diving right in and getting underneath the skin of the place I'm visiting. I adore wandering around old ruins and towns, trying to go off the main tourist traps and finding the real heart of the place. Nothing beats finding that restaurant which all the locals love and serves the best pasta/pizza or local delicacy. Plus you'll usually find these local eateries are cheaper than the ones on the 'main strip' or on the high street areas as they tend to be 'tourist traps' - where the most footfall is likely to be therefore they can afford to hike up the price! Having already saved on your holiday with a low cost deposit, this is another great way to save a bit more but without feeling like you're missing out on anything! In fact, you're more likely to get more of an experience because you searched out/stumbled upon the family run/smaller places instead of going where everyone else goes! Well that's been my experience anyway. Ask the locals if you want to get to the heart of the place you're staying in, their recommendations may just lead you to an unexpected beauty. 

Love, Sarah

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