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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Having a photoshoot anywhere is pretty fantastic, I mean I have been having them in Leeds city centre recently and have seen sides of the city I never have before and I love using them as a chance to explore the city and find those hidden laneways I would never normally see. I feel I am becoming more confident in front of the camera the more photoshoots I have and in fact the last one I had I felt very comfortable and relaxed which enabled me to have fun, not worrying about the photographer. I loved choosing different poses to stand in, each of the previous photoshoots flashing through my mind as well as some of my favourite bloggers' shoots. You may wonder why I have photoshoots if I'm not a fashion blogger, therefore I don't need to create content to show off my latest outfit, but I have them for a different reason. I have photoshoots because they give me confidence, the ability to love myself and not worry about what anyone else thinks, plus the photos come in handy for blog posts or Instagram! 

My most recent shoot took place at Goldsborough Hall, just outside Knaresborough, North Yorkshire and it was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't say no when the opportunity presented itself, the grounds are simply stunning and the house itself makes for the perfect backdrop for a Winter photoshoot. We were lucky with the weather, managing to walk around the grounds and get all the pictures before the rain came! I didn't have any particular outfit to show off and to be honest it was too cold not to be wearing my coat but I hope you like these photos anyway, they are some of my favourite as it just goes to prove that you don't need fancy equipment to take good photos!!

I felt very special being able to have my photos taken here, like I said previously the 12 acres of grounds are stunning, even in the bad weather! Plus with me wearing my bright mustard yellow coat I like to think I brightened it up for a while! For once I was actually smiling in these pictures, which is something I am also learning how to do because usually I don't. I hate the way my teeth look so I usually keep my mouth closed which leads to me looking like I'm scowling or just really funny! It helps when you have someone who makes you smile or they say something funny because then I find my smile is more natural. 

Choosing the right photographer can be quite tricky, I really didn't know who to go for as I didn't think there were any local to me but I have been lucky enough to have found a lovely lady who is both local to me and good value for money, this means I am able to organise a photoshoot for when it's convenient to me and when the weather's good! (Although on my photoshoot in Leeds the other day, it was FREEZING!) I love having a back up of photos, all perfectly edited ready and waiting to be used. It also means that I can print them out and give them to friends and family who I know will treasure them as much as I do. It's such a lovely gesture to give out printed photos, plus it's a bit of a dying art these days what with most photos being digital these days - I honestly can't remember the last time I actually held a physical photo that wasn't about 5 years old! I definitely need to start doing this more often.

Goldsborough Hall is simply stunning and I would highly recommend a visit if you happen to be in the area, it is not to be missed in my opinion. It would definitely make the perfect location for a wedding and they're hosting The Wedding Affair on Sunday 25th February which promises to be another amazing event with 35 exhibitors. Everyone is welcome and admission is free, making it the perfect day out for all brides to be, bridesmaids and perhaps even the grooms? It is set to be another superb event and even though I'm not getting married I can assure you that it will an amazing day out in stunning surroundings. 

I can't wait to go back here to have Afternoon Tea when the weather warms up and the gardens are in bloom. How amazing would it be to have another photoshoot here when there are flowers everywhere? Ahh, simply gorgeous. So please hurry up Spring, we're all waiting for you! 

Love, Sarah

*It was a pleasure to have a photoshoot in the grounds of Goldsborough Hall, all photos and opinions my own. 

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