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Saturday, 3 February 2018

I don't know about you but it feels like January has already been about 5 years long! How it is possible that it's only been the first month of the year?! UGH! Anyway, as with most people I am already dreaming of a sunshine getaway and many a dreamy destination, it is said that the planning of a holiday is half the fun and I can't help but agree. Even just dreaming of being away somewhere hot and sunny makes up for all the grey days here in England! (well, only just!) There are so many amazing places to visit in the world and I feel lucky that I have visited so many already including Cyprus, Spain, France, Crete, the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Australia. But along with everyone else, I am always dreaming of where I would visit if money was no object, a bucket list of destinations if you will. Come with me for a bit of sunshine as I reveal my top 5 destinations!

The only Greek islands I've been to are Cyprus and Crete, both of which I loved! I just love the whole Mediterranean way of life and the food is by far one of my favourites! Halloumi cheese anyone?!  Greek salads, halloumi, bread, yes please!! Greece is so beautiful I would love to spend a week or two just travelling around the whole area and finding the best hidden beaches, restaurants and bars. Mykonos, Santorini, Zakynthos all look dreamy and are definitely bucket list destinations! I also love Greek history and mythology so if I had the opportunity to I would definitely take a wander around the ruins and museums, learning as much as I could about the Greek civilisation and how they used to live. I just find it fascinating!

This has been in my top 10 destinations for a while, ever since I knew what a travel blogger was I became aware of just how beautiful it can be. Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar are the kind of cute little towns I want to get lost in sightseeing at all the architecture, the famous landmarks and taking a walk around the amphitheatre located in the seafront city of Pula. I love walking around the ruins of old castles and lost towns, there's something so tangible about being able to walk where one civilisation used to do many years before. You can learn so much from how others lived ,worked and entertained themselves. As well as all the sunbathing I intend to do on this holiday I will always make sure there's time to do plenty of sightseeing and soaking up the local culture. If there are ruins to be seen you can bet I'll be there!

The ubiquitous landmark destination for any self-respecting travel blogger or backpacker. With it's miles of gorgeous beaches, unrivalled full moon parties and cheap living it's no surprise that everyone I know has been there! My sister even stayed on Koh Smui when she went backpacking many years ago. Having seen many a film use Thailand as a backdrop my inner film nerd would love to visit these in real-life. Plus, the idea of staying in a beachfront villa for mere pennies is really attractive! More money to spend on amazing Thai food and sightseeing!

One place I have never been to but it seems everyone else has, is Portugal. It would be a totally new experience, exploring the little old towns and walking around the seafront watching all the boats in the harbour whilst sipping on a chilled glass of wine and enjoying some of the local delicacies. There's something to be said for exploring somewhere new and totally immersing myself in the culture, leaving all my worries behind. Carvoerio is well known for its marine life, leisure activities, gorgeous beaches, hidden coves and caves. Everything I could want in the perfect holiday.

Ciao bella! Where else would a pizza lover go but the home of pizza itself? I would adore wandering around Rome, Florence, Sicily and Sorrento taking in all the sights. I really want to wander around the amphitheatre where the Romans once fought to the death and had chariot races. Like I said before, I am a huge fan of architecture and I really enjoy seeing ruins and learning about other civilisations so in between eating pizza and gelato I would be mostly wandering around Italy's old towns and ruins. 

Holidays always make us feel better don't they? Sunshine is good for the body and mind, Vitamin D is essential for us so it's no wonder we always feel more alive and in a better mood. The UK doesn't get as much sunshine as the rest of Europe which leaves much of us in a depressed mood and craving a holiday. I am forever jealous of the travel bloggers and instagrammers I follow who post photos of exotic destinations on their timelines, whilst I'm stuck at work with the rain and dark nights. With websites like around, it's easier than ever to fuel my wanderlust to exotic locations of my own! Although, most of the time I find that I'll never be able to go to any of them because of work and money so I just click off the website and continue with my life! Perhaps one day I'll get there but who knows?! 

Do you have a travel bucket list of your own? Have you been to any of my chosen locations? Let me know - let's help fuel each other's wanderlust!

Love, Sarah

*Post in collaboration with Clickstay, all opinions my own. 

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