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Thursday, 1 February 2018

So January, it has been so dreary, miserable, grey and dark not to mention the fact it seems to have been the longest month in existence..! I couldn't wait for it to be over personally, I get so depressed in these winter months, there's nothing to get excited about, the Christmas chocolates are long gone, Easter and Spring seem so far away, the only place I feel any kind of zen is in my bath. I absolutely love running a bubble bath and disappearing for an hour or so, it's my one space to just completely relax and unwind. My job takes a lot out of me and can be quite physical, so to have somewhere to go which just relaxes my muscles and leaves me in a state of unparalleled bliss gets me through each day. I never used to be such a bath fiend but now I couldn't be without one! Something which helps with this is Aromatherapy, it is well known that it can de-stress, energise, calm, stimulate and uplift as well as revive both body and mind.

Memories are strongly linked to smell and just a whiff of a perfume or an essential oil can take us back to a particular time or place. In fact the two are so strongly linked that your feelings can be the same as those experienced at the time. I have a lot of perfumes myself and each are linked to a particular place in time; making me remember whenever I spray them. 

To make my baths even more indulgent I have been using De-Stress Himalayan Bath Salts which contain the following essential oils: 

Chamomile Roman
Lavender French
Orange Sweet
Rose Absolute
Clove Bud
Ylang Ylang Extra
 Cedarwood Himalayan
Jasmine Absolute

They dissolve under running water leaving behind the scents mentioned above to completely relax and de-stress me. They also help my muscles to relax and prevent cramping which is much needed as I have been trying to up my running game this January. Alongside Epsom Salts it makes for the perfect post-run combination.

To help with stressful situations I have been using this Relaxation Aroma Ball which is said to help ground me, as well as relax and unwind. I can get quite anxious sometimes, especially over Christmas and so I find having this with me helps with that. I simply roll it on my pulse points to instantly calm me. As it's so small it fits perfectly into a pocket or a handbag.


Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, 
Tangerine Oil, 
Petigrain Oil,
 Bergamot Fruit Oil, 
Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, 
Lavender Oil, 
Clary Sage Oil, 
Lime Oil, 
May Chang Fruit Oil, 
Patchouli Oil, 
Vetiver Oil, 
Ylang Ylang Flower Oil, 
Cardamom Seed Oil, 
Cedar Leaf Oil, 
Clove Bud Oil, 
Chamomile Flower Oil, 
Grass-Hay Herb Extract, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).

This Noel Natural Room Spray smells so much like it's Christmas it's incredible! Just one small spritz and I'm instantly transported to Santa's cabin in Lapland, with the smell of festive firs, mulled wine and cloves No need for a real tree with this around, just spray it over your fake one and you're well away! I couldn't believe how potent it was, you don't need much at all! 

I used this in my office whilst I was writing my Christmas Gift Guides - perfect. All I needed then was a nice glass of mulled wine! 


Orange Essential Oil, 
Cinnamon Essential Oil, 
Clove Essential Oil, 
Pine Essential Oil, 
Myrrh Essential Oil, 
Frankincense Essential Oil, 
Denatured Alcohol

From the ingredients it is easy to see (without sniffing it!) just how much this bottle smells like Christmas. The perfect addition to any festive activities - in season or out!

So there you have it, my perfect bathtime accompaniments. Bubbles, Gin, Candles, and a rubber duck! haha! 

Love, Sarah

*Items gifted to me but all opinions my own

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