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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Before I jump into some wonderful reads for the Kindle, I just want to say a big thanks to Sarah for letting me take over for the day!
I wanted to share just how wonderful having a Kindle is. I was amongst the few who was adamant that ‘real’ books just couldn’t be beaten. I still think a physical copy is wonderful, but having a Kindle as well as paper and hardbacks opens you up to so many more wonderful stories.
Digital imprints like HQ and Canelo offer some fab books for Kindle and I think you may like them as much as me!

The Woman On The Orient Express

The Woman On The Orient Express was one of the very first books I downloaded onto my Kindle Paperwhite.
The evident nod towards a certain crime fiction novelist is actually the basis of the story. All about Agatha Christie herself, there are some lovely references throughout the story which have gentle nudges towards some of her best work.
It’s quite a fun game to count how many references there are to different stories ... if you’ve watched David Suchet’s Poirot as many times as I have.

Dead To Begin With

Here’s a cosy crime from an author you may not have seen before having a Kindle.
Vivian Conroy has some fantastic ideas and plots meddling around in that head of hers. She has released some great plots but one of my favourites of hers is Dead To Begin With. It’s part of A Country Gift Shop series but you don’t need to read another book to know what’s going on.

The Beachside Flower Stall

The Beachside Flower Stall was one of my favourite Kindle reads from 2017.
Karen Clarke has a wonderful writing style which absorbs you into the story with minimal effort.
Carrie has the arduous task of helping to make flower arrangements ...only she’s never done it in her life!
This is funny and enchanting read anyone can enjoy.

French Kisses

Jan Ellis has become one of my favourite Kindle authors. She’s now had some paperbacks released but I first discovered her in the virtual world.
Her novellas are charming and full of strong, relatable characters. One of my favourites of her releases is French Kisses, with the added bonus of a second story, A London Affair.

Love, Sarah

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