Meet The Blogger Series Interview 57

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

I have decided to start a new series here on SunshineSarahxo after meeting so many lovely bloggers on twitter I would like to get to know them. So I'm going to try to recruit as many as I can as I think everyone deserves a chance to be in the spotlight. 

Q1: Hello there, nice to have you here on SunshineSarahxo! Please could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your Blog:
Hello! I'm Beth (the girl who basically lives in her dressing gown) and I blog over at Beth Louise. I blog about beauty and lifestyle the most!
Q2: At what point did you decide to make a Blog and share it with the world??
I decided to make a blog a few years ago when I felt like I had a lot to speak about. I loved the idea of having my own space to write whatever I wanted and offer advice to others who may need it. I'm still young so I'm not gonna act like I have loads of life experience compared to other bloggers but I don't think that really matters as everyone has something to offer and I love how there's such a wide range of ages within the blogging community. I liked the thought of being able to share my content, take photos and meet new people. It's something I'm so passionate about and I'm glad I found it!
Q3: How would you describe your writing style? Has it changed over time at all?
I'd say my writing style has definitely changed over the years as I have changed - my opinions are different. I never used to be as confident writing as I am now. I always used to worry about who could read it as in family or people I know in real life but I've stopped caring now. I try and show my personality within my posts and I almost write how I talk if that makes any sense?!
Q4: Was there anyone in particular who inspired you? Which Bloggers do you emulate?
There's quite a few people who inspire me - I love Em Sheldon she keeps it real and shows what life is actually like instead of just the perfect sides. I love bloggers in general like this who I can relate to like Hannah Gale, Vix Meldrew etc. I also do sometimes like the more luxury bloggers and seeing the content they create even if I can't afford the designer handbags they talk about. 
Q5: Do you have anything in the pipeline on the Blog which you are particularly excited about?!
At some point I'm going to launch my own business and link it to my blog when everything is finished which I'm really excited about but don't want to give anything away yet! 
Q6: Does anyone else know about your Blog? What do they think about it??
Yeah lots of people in my family do and they're all really proud of everything I've achieved.
Q7: Are you obsessed with Lush!?!? If YES what is your favourite product?!
Omg yes who isn't?! I love their snow fairy scent I wish it was available all year round. The Rockstar soap is also really good.
Q8: Has your Blog helped you in other areas of life?!
I'd say yeah - I've met new people and it's taught me how to manage my time better. You have to meet deadlines all the time and be organised. 
Q9: What is it that makes you so fabulous?!
Ever since I started filming regular Instagram stories, it's shown my followers a different side to me and they can see my personality. When you write blog posts it's hard to fully see the person behind the blog and sometimes you do want to see what they're like. I talk about boys, life, family things.. I think people can just relate to that and find it refreshing to hear someone just being open about life rather than just talking about makeup 24/7. 
Q10: Finally, can you recommend anything to us today!? (Skincare/Beauty/Tv Show/DVD/Music/Food Item...anything!)
The New Look Blush perfume smells exactly like Chanel Mademoiselle but for so much cheaper! Everyone needs it in their life.

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger
Instagram: @bethxlouisexx
Twitter: bethxlouisex


So that concludes our 'Meet the Blogger' for today! Thank You so Much for taking the time to answer these questions today, much appreciated! 
Please take the time to check out their Blog/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram be sure to leave a comment saying you found them via Sunshine Sarahxo! Thank You!! 

Love, Sarah

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