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Monday, 5 February 2018

Everyone has their own way of waking up, their routines which help them feel more awake and alert. I myself am fed up with constantly saying how tired I am all the time it's like a broken record so with this new year I am determined to find new ways to make me feel alert and have the energy to get through the day. I am looking to change my diet up by adding in more broccoli, kale and spinach to ensure I get the right amount of iron which will hopefully help with the tiredness. Exercise will help too so I am planning on continuing with my running to help with my mental health and as well as hopefully tiring me out a bit so that I am able to sleep. Finally, as hard as it may be, I have to come off my phone earlier in the evening to enable my mind to properly shut off and make it easier to sleep. It will be harder on night shifts as I usually finish at midnight and this is when I find it more difficult to switch off as I'm so wired. 

Mornings are hard for me, a bit like Garfield " I don't do mornings!". I switch my snooze button a little too much, lay in bed scrolling through social media before finally getting up and making my way through to the kitchen for breakfast. The first thing I do is put the kettle on for my morning cuppa, the only thing which wakes me up! I can't be one of those people who has lemon and hot water in the morning before juicing up a load of vegetables and fruit. Sorry, no. I need my caffeine! I know I have to cut this down of an evening to aid a restful night's sleep so I will enjoy a cup of herbal tea instead as I have a few I need to use up. Having a bath followed by a cup of tea and a good book is my plan of an evening from now on, my TBR pile is getting out of hand so I am quite looking forward to settling down and getting through it. 

The smell of coffee steaming in the cafetiere is almost enough to alert my brain into waking up. It is one of my most favourite scents and never fails to make me happy. 

If I need my caffeine fix on the go I take my trusty Rombouts travel mug with me. Complete with rubber band to protect my hands from the heat it is the perfect size for a one cup filter coffee - enough to get me going without going over the edge. I love the idea of saving the planet each time I use it too and with coffee shops embracing reusable cups and offering discounts when you bring yours in, there's no better time to ditch those takeout cups which we all know will never last long after you finish and will just end up in landfill.

Caffeine has many health benefits, apart from the obvious of it being a natural stimulant it is know that it can help repair muscles after exercise by replacing the glycogen stores and reducing muscle pain by over 48%. (Source) 

We have coffee in the morning to help us feel more awake and alert and it has been shown that it helps the grey matter in the brain by releasing dopamine - the brain chemical which is why we feel so much better after our morning cup! (Source)

I can't argue with science and it's no surprise that I can get on with my day better after my morning cup, I also enjoy having a smaller cup in the afternoon to perk me up and keep me going especially when I'm busy blogging!

I love the full-bodied richness of the Colombian, the caramel, cacao notes found in the Cuban and the nuttieness of the Laos single origin. Each one is unique and different, the aroma and taste taking me to a different place and time. Just like wine, where coffee is grown affects how it tastes. All I know is that trying Rombouts has been a revelation because I'm used to drinking Taylor's Italian, so quite rightly anything new is going to taste a bit different but I am pleased I had the opportunity to do so because going out of your comfort zone every once in a while can do wonders for your mental health. 

I am going to have to limit the amount of caffeine I drink if I am wanting to sleep better at night as I know it is one thing which adversely affects me. Switching to decaf may be the best option as well as having one one cup during the day itself. Waking up when my alarm goes off and not snoozing it will help too. Sleep hygiene, like ensuring my bedroom is at the right temperature, having the window open if needed and not having any electricals in with me either. 

How do you ensure you're awake in the mornings? Do you have a favourite coffee? 

Love, Sarah

*Rombouts coffee sent to me for review. All opinions my own. 

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