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Monday, 26 February 2018

I have talked previously about how all the small things in a relationship are usually the big things and how these should be celebrated every single day. The butterfly moments which make you nervous but giddy excited like a child at Christmas all at the same time, whether that be a secret project you're working on, that Spotify playlist which makes you smile, or your partner running you a bath and cooking dinner (or ordering Dominoes!) after you've had a hard day at work. You don't have to go all out on Valentine's if that's not your bag, you can celebrate every other day of the year instead if you'd rather. It doesn't even have to be a person you're celebrating, it could be that business idea you've had burning a fire inside you which makes you work harder to achieve it or a sporting personal best you've recently made, or perhaps you've finally cracked that tricky recipe you've been trying for weeks. 

Personally I love it when somebody leaves me a nice comment on my Instagram photos or says how much they loved my latest blog post. Those kind words mean everything to me and I always try to reciprocate by leaving kind words of my own on their pages. Spreading the love so everybody can feel good, I know how much I appreciate it when my friends comment on my photos so if I can make someone smile then I'll try my very best. 

One way of celebrating love is by taking some time out to settle down with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit or two. This Rose tea from Crabtree and Evelyn pairs sheer floral, sparkling rose and sweet berry flavours which swirl together in the woven teabags which allows maximum contact for hot water to release the essential oils within the leaves, cleverly mimicking a loose-leaf brew with hints of sparkling pink champagne. As a fan of Rose I absolutely love this tea, but don't be put off as it doesn't taste like flowers, it is instead a  gently flavoured tea with a slight hint of sparkling wine. (*No alcohol*) Imagine having this on a Spring day, when it's warm enough to sit outside, taking some time for yourself with your favourite magazine or book. The Almond and Violet Biscuits combine a delicate crunch of rich almonds and scented violet are the perfect match to the Rose tea.

Pampering yourself is another way of showing yourself some love, because sometimes taking time out for yourself can really life your day. It doesn't need to be a full on routine or anything, something as simple as taking time out of your day to sit down with a cup of tea can make all the difference to your day. I know it does for me, they say a cup of tea fixes everything and I know this to be true from experience, it just seems to calm the senses. Drinking this Rose tea took me away to another place, somewhere calmer, reminiscent of being in France, sitting in the shade of the trees, sipping on a chilled glass of rose wine. 

With everyday life getting busier and busier these days taking the time to properly sit down and relax can make all the difference to your day. I know it does for me. Plus, why not celebrate yourself some more? We all know there isn't enough of that going around at the moment! Celebrating the small wins of the day can make you more productive for the rest of your tasks ahead, take a moment to run through your to-do list, write a shopping list or just think. Try not to use the time to be on social media, instead sort through your mail or read a magazine. I like to use this time to ensure my hands are moisturised.

This gorgeous Evelyn Rose Hand Therapy is enriched with shea-butter, ceramides 3 and 6II to reduce moisture loss whilst promoting skin's natural hydration levels. It smells incredible and my hands are so moisturised and hydrated after use. It is formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil or propylene glycol. 

The fragrance is a beautiful combination of Evelyn Rose petals, peach, elegant jasmine and violet accord with subtle accents of bergamot and sensuous amber. All of these combine wonderfully together and makes applying hand cream a pleasurable experience and would definitely make you feel pampered. Why not take 5 minutes for yourself and pamper your hands? You deserve it after all!

It can be hard to make the time to indulge in a little pampering or self love, there's always something else which demands your attention and the guilt can set in pretty fast. So how about you make a deal with yourself that for 20 minutes a day you will look after you? No responsibilities, no phone, just you and your favourite book, magazine, diary or bullet journal and you simply use that time to make plans and relax. I know it can be hard to do this when life gets in the way and there's everyone from your husband to the cat demanding your attention but trust me on this one, if you take some time for you everyday your mental health and well-being will be so much better for it. Why does everyone else get looked after but you get put to the bottom of the pile? Aren't you, as the most important cog in your family, worth that time? You may or may not have children to look after but even so, if you don't function well, there's going to come a time when you end up crying in a cupboard or locking yourself in the bathroom to try to find some time for you. Nobody will mind if you disappear into the bath of an evening or have some you time after the school run, using this time to sort through the events of the day or plan what's yet to come is vital. Afterwards you can get on with your day knowing that you have a plan and can action it better because you took that time to get organised or think through tomorrow's plan. 

You don't even have to do this if you don't want to, it's your time to use however you want - I find completely switching off and getting lost in a book helps me to switch off. Getting caught up in a fictional character's life for a while makes everything seem better somehow, like I'll not have to worry about my family going through that same stuff because it's fictional. My mind totally escapes and I absolutely love it. I'm always anxious to find out what happens in the end but half the fun of that is reading the book, the journey of each character and how the plot line changes. It's like film, that has the same effect for me. When I read I imagine what the characters look like, how they sound and almost play the movie in my head so if I'm then seeing that book on screen, it's like my imagination is brought to life. With film you're forced to sit quietly and absorb what's happening on screen, concentrating on the minute so you can follow the plot line. Me time doesn't seem so luxurious when you're doing something you enjoy.

Another way to spoil yourself or have some 'me time' is by travelling, this doesn't have to be far, it could simply be to your local town or city. Personally I love escaping to Leeds whenever I can, I'm a country girl at heart but there's something about this city which keeps drawing me back in, parts of it which remain unexplored. Each time I go I find places I never knew about, bits which I haven't seen before. I like to get under the skin of the places I visit, finding the places the locals use and trying to stay away from the touristy areas. Seeing the parts which most shy away from or deem 'ugly' and trying to find the beauty within. 

One way of doing this is by having photoshoots there with someone who knows the city better than I ever will, who can find those places which make for the perfect backdrop, using parts of the architecture of the place to it's best advantage. Plus at the end of it you get to keep the photos which serve as another way of loving yourself and as a reminder of the day.

The most important message from this post is that there is always time for you. Whatever you may be doing, wherever you may be going in life, you are the most important aspect of it all. Make time for you this year and who knows where it could lead. 

Love, Sarah


*Crabtree and Evelyn products sent to me for review all opinions my own
** Photo credits Laura Haley Photography Kaye Ford

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