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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

A season for change…?
Beth Reynolds loved growing up close to Eleanor’s Emporium – a bric-a-brac shop full of wonders on Lavender Bay. Devastated to learn that Eleanor has died, she returns home from London immediately and is shocked to discover that the elderly lady has left the shop to her!
Vowing to restore it to its former glory, she only intends to stay until the end of the season. Although the longer she spends in the colourful seaside town, the more she falls back in love with everything she left behind…and quite possibly, with her best friend Eliza’s older brother, local chef Sam Barnes!
Why didn’t she notice he was quite this gorgeous before? And will their spring fling be enough to convince her to stay?
Don’t miss Spring at Lavender Bay, the first book in the enchanting Lavender Bay trilogy! Perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley, Rachael Lucas and Hilary Boyd.
Book 1: Spring at Lavender Bay
Book 2: Summer at Lavender Bay
Book 3: Snowflakes at Lavender Bay

Author Bio
Sarah Bennett has been reading for as long as she can remember. Raised in a family of bookworms, her love affair with books of all genres has culminated in the ultimate Happy Ever After – getting to write her own stories to share with others.

Born and raised in a military family, she is happily married to her own Officer (who is sometimes even A Gentleman). Home is wherever he lays his hat, and life has taught them both that the best family is the one you create from friends as well as relatives.

When not reading or writing, Sarah is a devotee of afternoon naps and sailing the high seas, but only on vessels large enough to accommodate a casino and a choice of restaurants.

Sarah is the author of the Butterfly Cove trilogy, published by HQ Digital UK.

Her new series is set in the beautiful seaside town of Lavender Bay, and will follow the lives of three best friends - Beth, Eliza and Libby.

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A Whole New World

Starting a brand new series is one part exciting and three parts terrifying. You come up with a new idea, find the central characters, a story outline and you’re raring to go. There’s only one problem—the setting. Creating a believable location where your characters live is one of the hardest parts of building a story. You have to draw enough of a picture that the reader can imagine themselves transported into the world.

Some writers use real-life locations, but unless you know somewhere inside out, it can completely destroy a reader’s experience if you get a detail wrong and it throws them out of the story. That’s why I make up my locations, like Lavender Bay.

If I close my eyes, I can see the promenade with the shops lining one side and the sandy beach stretching out on the other. I can smell the salty-tang of the sea air, and the rich heady fragrance of row upon row of lavender plants baking in the hot sunshine. I can hear the seagulls wheeling overhead, the shriek of a child as one cheeky bird swoops down to try and steal a chip from their paper wrapping.

I can picture Beth and Sam strolling hand-in-hand, their shoes off and the bottom of their jeans rolled up as they splash their toes in the surf; Pops and his friends playing dominoes in the corner of The Siren; Libby tugging off her hairnet as she trudges up the stairs for a shower after a long day serving fish and chips to locals and holiday-makers.
Lavender Bay is a living, breathing character in its own right, and I hope as you read Spring that you will be able to picture it in your mind’s eye too.


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Good Luck!

Love, Sarah

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