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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Friction Free Shaving have been around in the blogosphere for a few years now and everywhere you look there are bloggers showcasing their shaving routines and featuring the gorgeous rose gold shavers in flatlays on Instagram. It's no surprise really seeing as what they offer is a service which many people have been after for as long as they've been shaving. Who wouldn't want new blades delivered through their letterbox every month to stop them forgetting to change blades and thereby preventing shaving rash and skin infections caused by old, rusty blades? That's the ethos behind Friction Free Shaving, they want to make it easy for you to change blades every Sunday for fresh legs on Monday! 

Personally, I have a bi-monthly delivery because I don't shave my legs all that often but I do shave my underarms every day, therefore I don't need 4 blades every single month so it's great that you can pause your delivery like this to suit your own needs. (*I have a back log of blades to use up because of this so don't think that I'm not changing my blades just because I'm not shaving my legs!)

I have blogged previously about Friction Free Shaving so you can go ahead and read that post if you like. I am still absolutely loving their subscription box, it takes all the hassle and worry out of thinking 'ugh, I need to go to Boots/Superdrug/the supermarket to buy more razors' and you have no idea how good it makes me feel to walk down the shaving isle and go 'I'm so thankful I don't need to worry about this anymore!'. The razors are designed perfectly for bloggers, meaning they fit into your Instagram theme beautifully, even the blades are photo ready!

There are some subjects which nobody wants to really talk about, from periods, body positivity to shaving. I mean we all do it but how many of us actually sit down and chat about these subjects with our friends? Sure, as teenagers we all seem to talk about everything as we grow up, developing from girls into women, asking questions about our changing bodies as we go through puberty. As we get older though we seem to lose this childhood inhibition of talking about topics we now consider TMI. Relying instead on social media, magazines and TV programmes for our sources of information which we all know are full of misinformation. 

I feel that FFS cut through all of that *bullshit* and just give us the facts - which can make for some shocking reading! Not only are you at risk of cutting yourself with blunt blades but whilst shaving the blades can scoop up hundreds of microorganisms (onto the blades) and whilst rinsing in hot water a few times removes the visible debris, if the shaver is then left in a moist environment it can speed up the growth of bacteria - which you're then putting onto your skin! It makes my skin crawl just to think about it! Bacteraemia is a really serious bacterial infection of the blood and can even lead to hospitalisation. 

Would you believe that the place where doctors see abscesses the most is the underarms? And considering this is where I shave most often I am even more glad of Friction Free's amazing subscription box! I just need to not store it in the bathroom now!
Every month Friction Free will send you a box with your chosen razor's blades in as well as a little treat - either a sachet of their shave cream, a blade cover, a green razor bag or a suction hook in which to rest your shaver. It's these little touches which make Friction Free my go to for my shaving subscriptions. From as little as £5 for their most basic razor, you would be crazy to miss out on this! You could even use my code for 30% off your first month subscription: 7HXT96! Or use my link instead: (*Aff link I get £2 for every sign up!) 

When I do get around to shaving my legs - usually only when the sun shines and I *shock horror* I may want to get my milk bottle legs out my routine usually starts in the bath. I'm already laying down and I can start exfoliating my legs all ready for the shave cream - the one provided by Friction Free in my subscription box works perfectly as I don't have to worry about wasting any of it! Their shave cream is designed specifically for women and is packed to the brim with moisturising Mankua honey, Shea butter and Coconut Oil, all guaranteed to give your skin the treatment it deserves. It has a unique 'cationic' formula which reduces friction even more and the transparent application provides maximum visibility and offers a new sense of control and closeness.Being in the bath means I'm already at the perfect angle to get every hair on my legs and rinse my razor in between strokes. I always get the closest shave whenever I use my Rose razor and my legs are left so soft and smooth afterwards that all's left to do is apply moisturiser once I'm out of the bath!

I know you're busy but are you sure you're not TOO busy to get on board with feeling better about shaving? No more spending your hard earned pennies on replacement shavers or blades whenever you remember! Friction Free really are the bees knees when it comes to all things shaving related, I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else for my blades and I feel so lucky to now have 2 Rose shavers because of problems FFS had with the design of the blade handle. But they are both gorgeous and are in fact engraved with 'Sunshine' which just makes it super special to me.

Rose is the world's first metal razor designed especially for women. It feels weighty in the hand without being overly heavy and I find the Vitamin E lubricating strip with its 6 stainless steel blades glide over my skin with ease, no more tugging a blunt blade and ending up with cuts everywhere. I now hardly ever cut myself since switching over to FFS which is amazing as before I was almost guaranteed a cut before I'd even started! With it's full 90 degree pivoting head I can get into every curve of my body without restoring to Shoga! (Go over and check out the video - it's hilarious! I'm sure we've all done this whilst trying to shave!) The best thing about Rose is that she has a gorgeous rose gold finish (Insta goals!) with chrome plating to prevent rust - perfect if you keep her in the shower like I do!

You'll love that 'just shaved' feeling so much after one use that I can guarantee you'll not go back and will switch to FFS for good! 

Love, Sarah

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