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Saturday, 10 March 2018

When working in a restaurant, whether you’re in the kitchen behind the scenes, waiting tables, or greeting guests front of house, the clothes you wear should be professional and practical for the work you do. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish too.

There are plenty of places where you can purchase clothes to put together a stylish look, from the big brands of the high street to online clothing sites, like hospitality uniform specialist Simon Jersey. So here are some simple ways to ensure you create a sense of style in your restaurant role.  

Focussing on the little details

Design isn’t just about the overall style of an outfit – snazzy top teamed with smart trousers or skirt. It’s also a lot about the little details, which can bring an outfit to life. There are many small details in cuts, lines and fabrics, which can have a big impact on an outfit. This could range from the classy studs on a chef’s jacket or the neckline of a waitress’s top, to the collar of a blouse and the lines through the fabric of a pair of bootcut trousers.

Adding some colour

Both subtle and dramatic uses of colour can help make restaurant clothing more stylish. This could involve little splashes of colour in elements of a top or blouse, to fuller patterns across fabrics, through to big, bold statements of colour, which fit the style of your restaurant. Lines, shapes and shades of colour can all make elements of an outfit stand out, while emphasising traditional ideas or more modern styles. This could include the classic cheques of a chef uniform, or the smart-casual print of a fully buttoned blouse for front of house staff in a trendy restaurant.

Creating shapes

Choosing clothing styles that create shapes is another simple wear to look stylish while keeping professional when working in a restaurant. This could involve combining well-fitted looks with draped, free-hanging fabrics, or layering clothing to create dramatic shapes. For instance, stretch slim chinos overlaid with a soft and stylish tunic, or a long fitted top, layered with a cropped cardigan like a striking shrug.


Accessorising can give your restaurant outfit that finishing touch that ties it together – adding to those areas mentioned, while making a statement. Although you should be cautious about things like low-hanging jewellery when working in a restaurant environment, there are other ways to accessorise your look. Just a colourful apron, for instance, could bring a waitress’s outfit to life and give it some personality, while a striking wide belt could create some shape and add to smaller details. Other accessories, like those for the hair, such as top-knot headbands, neck scarfs and very subtle jewellery can also add to and emphasise your sense of style.   

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