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Thursday, 29 March 2018


Margaret Dabbs is a salon specialising in fabulous feet and hands. With 10 other salons including one in Doha and Dubai, Margaret has definitely hit upon that certain something which makes her and her brand so successful. What makes Margaret Dabbs salons so popular is the fact her treatments also treat the medical problems you may encounter. Her Medical Pedicures and Manicures are world renowned for being effective and long lasting anti-ageing treatments. Each product contains a small amount of Emu Oil which hails from Australia and is great at anti-ageing and moisturising properties - I was assured their products are all cruelty free but I would need to do further research on this to be 100% certain. 

I was kindly invited down to the Margaret Dabbs salon in Harrogate to meet the lady herself, the staff and be treated to a taster of one or other of the treatments available. Everyone was incredibly friendly when I walked in, initially thinking I was the first person to arrive which can be quite scary for someone with social anxiety but my nerves were quickly eased by the lovely team from Ledigo PR who offered me a glass of champagne! I was introduced to Margaret herself who explained who she was and how she built up the business to it now being worldwide. I was soon given the choice of having either a foot or hand treatment and I chose to have a taste of the Medical Pedicure because although I look after my hands, my feet are somewhat neglected. 

I met my podiatrist Jane and was led upstairs to one of the treatment rooms where she explained what was involved and a little more about the full treatment itself as well as asking me what concerns I had with my feet. I told her I had a lot of dry skin and had somehow my nails had gone yellow whilst I was away in Australia. Jane was fabulous at putting me at ease despite the state of my feet! She told me I had a fungal nail infection which was already in stage 2 which was fixable whereas stage 5 is not so to say I was shocked was an understatement! Thankfully my dry skin wasn't bad at all and could be easily treated with a foot file and a specialised foot cream. I booked in for a Medical Pedicure after my little taster because I didn't want my feet to become untreatable and with 20% off it made it a more reasonable price. 

Once downstairs my glass was topped up with champagne and I was asked if I would like a hand treatment. I felt really spoilt as I thought I was only getting one of the two tasters available, my beauty therapist Shanice was really lovely again explaining what the treatment involved and asking me if I had any concerns. Apart from them being dry because of work I don't have any other concerns so Shanice went ahead with the treatment. Starting off with some hand sanitiser which, like all the other products in the line is anti-ageing and contains moisturising Emu oil and is scented with geranium and mandarin. Shanice then went ahead and used a gentle exfoliant on my hands which left them feeling so soft and smelling lovely. The next step was a moisturiser for my nails and cuticles, followed by a really lovely hand and arm massage with another moisturiser which was just incredible; it would definitely encourage me to come back for the full treatment! Afterwards my hands were so soft and smooth and even the morning afterwards they were still soft!

The best thing about this salon is that both men and women are made to feel very welcome, the men will not be put off by an overly female looking salon but at the same time the women will feel at ease, knowing they will soon be on the way to switching off and undwinding whilst having a treatment. The staff are all extremely knowledgeable so don't be put off if you have any questions at all they are there for you to ease any worries you may have. I had never been into Margaret's salon previously but I will now be recommending it to my friends and family if they're after more than just a cosmetic treatment. 

If you're in the Harrogate area you should definitely check out this salon, make it a part of your day as you enjoy the many other delights that this wonderful town has to offer. You could even stop off at Betty's at the top of the hill before your treatment if you wanted to! I wouldn't blame you! 

Love, Sarah

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