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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Aahh, shopping we all love it don't we?! What better way to while away the weekend by checking out your local high street and stocking up on those all important Primark blogger props! I know I love getting out and about with my friends and family for a walk around my local town, perhaps stopping off for a coffee/tea and a slice of something nice on the way! It's a pleasurable experience which can be shared with those closet to you and can also be a way to get to know a new place as there's always something new yet to be discovered. 

But what if you or your Mum, Grandparents or friends struggle to get about? Perhaps they too like to be independent and get out to pay their bills, get some money out and do all their errands independently. This is where a mobility scooter by Fenetic Wellbeing could come in handy. They are a company who specialise in providing the right mobility products for your needs at a price you can afford. They can provide everything from mobility scooters, wheelchairs and walking aids - ensuring that you or your family member can get around quickly and easily without any fear of falling or tripping. 

With Spring around the corner, Fenetic Wellbeing are wanting to talk to people about how they can support their parents, grandparents and those with mobility needs to enjoy more independent shopping experiences. They don't see why you should be left home alone whilst everyone else has fun just because you have slight issues getting around Everyone should get to enjoy time together and I for one love getting out and about with my Granny here in Harrogate; this is why I'm so keen to get behind this campaign and highlight the fantastic range of mobility products available.

I have previously met with the founders of Fenetic Wellbeing and found them to be personable, friendly, informative and generous with their time when explaining who they are and what they can offer - the best part is they're from Yorkshire so you know exactly what you're getting upfront with no hidden costs or extra charges. Everything comes with free delivery and a 12 month warranty so if you find you've changed your mind or are having problems you can rest assured that Fenetic Wellbeing will be there for you, no questions asked. When a company put the personal touch into their customer service it really does make all the difference to how you feel as a customer and makes you more likely to go back there next time you're looking for that particular product.

I for one know how my Granny could benefit from a mobility product from a company such as Fenetic Wellbeing. She already has a stick which she uses on occasion but she finds it difficult to walk in between the spread of shops here in Harrogate and so something such as a rollator would be perfect. It supports her weight as it has four wheels and has hand lever brakes for freedom without fear of falling. The rollator my Grandma has actually comes with a small pocket at the front so she can put her shopping in it if she doesn't have her trolley with her. My Grandma now has a mobility scooter to help her get around but her rollator was definitely a product which helped her out the most in the beginning. 

I think it's brilliant that there's a company out there which is dedicated to ensuring that everyone can get out and enjoy stress free shopping like everyone else. You don't have to necessarily be older to have a need for such a product, mobility problems can strike at any age really and you shouldn't think that just because you can't move around too well that you should miss out on fun activities such as shopping or checking out the new garden centre in town. There are lots of products on the Fenetic Wellbeing's website which could help you get out there and enjoy life like everyone else. With shopping centres being more accessible these days there's really no stopping you from joining in with everyone else for a spot of Saturday shopping with the girls! 

Do you suffer from mobility issues or do you know someone who does? 

Love, Sarah

*Collabroative blog post with Fenetic Wellbeing
** Photos by Laura Haley Photography

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