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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Swimming. Something we're all taught as youngsters but perhaps a skill we don't always carry through to adulthood. I for one love to swim though, to be in or near water always makes me happy, I guess I'm a water baby at heart. I used to swim quite often with my Dad when he went in the early mornings, when I ran my own Pet-Sitting business it was quite good to fit in a workout before I started my day. I even entered the Sport Relief Swimathon a few years ago to swim 100 lengths of my local pool! Even though it was tiring, it was still good fun and I raised a bit of money for the charity to boot. Doing good felt good. 

But over recent years I have somewhat fallen out of love with swimming. I felt like I had neither the time nor the proper equipment to actually take it up again, plus when I was in/out of work it was an expense I cut out because I simply couldn't afford the £3 charge every time. Now though I have a permanent job which has given me the means by which to be able to take up swimming again, plus these swimming goggles by Zoggs from Simply Swim have been the perfect addition to get me back in the water! 

Featuring anti-fog technology to keep lenses clear and prevent that 'tip your goggles up from the bottom to let out all the water' moment at each end of your length means I can just concentrate on swimming. They felt comfortable on my face, the Soft Seal technology is hypoallergenic and moulds to the contours of my face which made them feel like a 'second skin'. The split yoke strap is strong, secure and comfortable with a quick adjust system making it even easier to find the perfect fit - something which I have found tricky in the past. Why is it we never know how big/small our head is until we're trying on hats or putting goggles on?! It boggles my mind! The little notches on the side of the strap also made this process easier as you could just go up one or two to get the right fit. If you were using these on holiday and swimming outside, the added benefit of the UV protection is brilliant. 

As soon as I put these on and had altered them to fit me, I never had to touch them again during the whole time I was swimming. This is pretty impressive considering every other pair I've ever had needs adjusting every few lengths! Nothing more off putting than having to get out of rhythm to alter a piece of equipment which is meant to protect your eyes from the chlorinated water! They may be pricer than my previous pairs but I'm happy to pay this for fuss free swimming!

Simply Swim have teamed up with other industry partners (including Swim England) to launch their 'Love Swimming Campaign' which is aimed at getting families back together and away from their smartphone/console screens. Did you know that in a 2017 OnePoll 9/10 people said gadgets get in the way of precious family time and that on an average weekday families spent just 36 minutes together! I mean, that's just madness! (Source) The swimming industry is helping to tackle this by encouraging people to make time once a week to get together and head down to their local pool. There aren't many family activities where you can completely switch off from the digital world but swimming is definitely one of them! Working every muscle in the body, it provides a great workout for everyone and certainly helps everyone to sleep better that night! 

There are loads of benefits to swimming but here are just a few: 

- It works every muscle in the body so no matter which stroke you choose you're guaranteed a full body workout and just 30 minutes in the water is equivalent to 45 minutes on land! 

- It's perfect for your mind. 30 minutes three times a week alongside a healthy diet is one of the best ways to stay mentally and physically fit. 

- It lowers your stress levels, reduces anxiety and depression, and improves your sleep patterns. Even a light swim is guaranteed to make you feel better. 

- It burns calories! A gentle swim can burn upto 200 calories in just half an hour. 

- Swimming just 30 minutes a week can lower your risk of disease including stroke, diabetes and heart disease. 

- It supports your whole body making it the perfect exercise for everyone no matter your body weight. Also the best exercise for pregnant women. 

- It helps to increase your metabolism. Swimming for 30 minutes 3 times a week can boost your energy levels through increased metabolic rate. 

- The benefit of being in the water means that you don't feel the sweat! Perfect if the fear of the trickle down the back puts you off most other forms of exercise!

I find going in the morning best as that way I've done my exercise and can continue on with my day once I've had my breakfast! It's important to remember you'll need to replenish your lost energy stores after your workout so always plan ahead and bring snacks with you (water, banana/cereal bar) or to have something healthy once you're home. 

I hope I have somehow persuaded you to don your cossie, grab a pair of goggles from Simply Swim and head on down to your local pool! Let me know if you go! 

Love Sarah 

*Goggles sent for review but all opinions my own. 

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