Celebrating Father's Day With Bakerdays* | Receiving Cake Through The Post | A Letterbox Cake Review & Discount Code!

Monday, 9 April 2018

 Who doesn't love receiving cake through the post? I know I do! I have worked with Bakerdays previously, reviewing their lovely letterbox cakes where I had a photo of myself on a beach on top of the cake. I absolutely love the idea of being able to send a cake to someone through the post with no worries that it's going to end up at the Post Office awaiting them to collect it! The cakes are designed to be small enough to fit through your letterbox and be waiting for your recipient upon their return. It's perfect if you live away from family and friends but still want to send them a gift for their birthday, anniversary or perhaps for Father's Day. 

You have so much choice from Bakerdays, you can have a letterbox, small, medium or large sized cake, or even cupcakes! You can then choose from a traditional sponge, half chocolate half sponge, gluten free sponge, lemon drizzle, a dairy free sponge or rich chocolate chip. With so much choice it might be difficult to decide just which cake to go for! You can choose on of their own designs or choose to have your own photo on top which I have done with the cake above for Father's Day. This means you can make it as personal as you like and you could even propose via cake?! How awesome would that be?! 

My Dad chose the rich chocolate chip cake as it is his favourite and I chose the photo to go on top. I love how easy it is to order from Bakerdays, their website is very easy to use and they guide you through the process so you can rest assured you'll be getting exactly what you're after so all's that's left to do is sit back, knowing all is hand. 

It can be hard to find that gift, to not spend over the odds or equally not make it seem as though don't care about your gift. Most people out there like cake so it can be an easy decision to send this as a present, the ability to personalise just adds another layer to your gift. Imagine all the memories you could conjure up just by choosing a particular photo, when I last had a Bakerdays cake I chose a photo of myself which was taken on Betty's beach in the Whitsundays, Australia which just made me smile all over again as I remember how I felt during that particular moment as well as during that whole trip because I was with my sister at the time. Photos are a wonderful way to bring back memories, whether that be funny, happy, sad, or a celebration memory. There are so many different cakes to choose from you're bound to find something to tickle your fancy! 

The photo I chose for my Dad's Father's Day cake was taken at Goldsborough Hall when my family and I visited the snowdrops back in February. (which just seems ages ago now!) I love how it's turned out and that it fits well on the top of the cake without looking too stretched or pixelated. 

The Bakerdays bakery resides in Nottinghamshire and they can deliver across the whole of the UK. You can choose from 12 cupcakes, this letterbox cake at 5", Small at 7", Medium at 9" and Large at 12". You can also choose from a huge range of balloons, banners, candles and bubbles to add in as extras to your cake! It's these little extra touches which set Bakerdays apart from some of the other businesses out there who offer the same service. You know how much I love supporting small businesses and it's no different here. I would happily pay to send out a cake to one of my friends if I couldn't be there to celebrate with them - which happens more and more often now that I have moved away for work! I still want to be a part of their celebrations even if I'm not there in person and so Bakerdays make this easy for me by providing my friends with cake to share on their special day.

I can assure you that the cakes arrive in perfect condition, are ready to eat and taste just as good as they look! I highly recommened that you give Bakerdays a go next time you're on the hunt for a present and I have a discount code for you too - don't say I'm not good to you! Use 'SUNSHINESARAH15' at checkout to get 15% off your cake until 3rd May! You're welcome! 

Love, Sarah

*cake sent to me for review but all opinions my own

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