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Monday, 23 April 2018

Friction Free Shaving have brought out a unique gift box designed to make the chore of shaving your legs a thing of the past. Contained within is everything you need to live life friction free, from the world's first metal razor designed specifically for women with German engineered razor refills, each with 6 diamond coated steel blades, to a blade cover and a shower hook. We all know we should be taking better care of our legs pre/post shave but how many of us just reach for the conditioner bottle, slather it on and go? I'm reckoning far too many of us! Friction Free Shaving have designed a 3 step system for us ladies which takes no longer than your normal shower and can easily fit into your daily routine. 

Containing all natural ingredients:

Manuka Honey: anti inflammatory, repairing and moisturising qualities.

Walnut Scrub: a gentle and all natual exfoliant made using the husks of walnuts
Coconut oil: natural and moisturising Vitamin E

Almond Milk: an excellent source of Vitamin E, a known antioxidant with natural healing properties

Coca butter: high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and a provider of deep hydration. 

Pre shave scrub designed to gently exfoliate the legs before shaving, is packed with walnuts, almond milk and Manuka honey. Simply rub into wet legs and rinse off. Easy! Their award winning Shave scrub is packed with Manuka honey, Shea butter and coconut oil and is the perfect accompaniment to your shaviour of choice. Post shave balm deeply hydrates and conditions the legs leaving them silky smooth and moisturised. Containing Manuka honey, almond milk and cocoa butter you can be sure to be left with legs that feel oh so silky soft with no cuts, razor bumps or nicks in sight! 

I have been trialling this set for a little while now and each time I have wanted someone to touch my legs afterwards because of how incredibly smooth and silky they have been left. I'm pretty sure it's down to this 3 step routine because previous to this I was just using their shave balm and although my legs were soft afterwards, they don't compare to just how amazing they felt after using this 3 step system. 

I have never felt softness nor smoothness like it, so much so I have been taking every opportunity recently to get in the bath and shave because I crave that silky soft feeling again. Gone are the days of using my Dad's razor (OUCH!) with some shave cream and praying I don't cut myself (which always happened!). It's no word of a lie that since I switched to using my Friction Free Shaver my legs have not been cut once and have also never felt so soft afterwards (even when I wasn't using their shave cream!) it just goes to show that using fresh blades every week on a shaver designed FOR WOMEN can leave your legs looking and feeling their absolute best. 

It is easy to add any or all of these products to your order when on the Friction Free website, just follow the 'Get Started' button at the top of their homepage and follow the steps. I can highly recommened both the Rose and Silvia handles as I have both and continue to use them on a regular basis, even taking them travelling with me in the handy green travel pouch I got in one of my subscription boxes! 

How long has it been since you really looked at your shaving routine and made changes? Most of the time in the UK our legs are conveniently hidden under many layers and more of less forgotten about until we get that one rare day where the sun decides to shine and we rush into the shower, eagerly excited to bare our bodies and get a tan. We make a grab for the nearest razor, apply shave cream and get shaving.....paying little attention to what we're actually using and if we're causing ourselves harm by using old, bacteria filled blades which could give us an infection! Not what you want when you're hurrying out into the sunshine! 

Friction Free's Shave Balm is actually transparent which works perfectly with their razors as it is designed so it doesn't clog up your razor, unlike most other shave creams which just create patches on your legs to make you think you've caught every hair - but how can a clogged up razor work effectively? In combination with a fresh blade and your chosen handle, you will never again miss any hairs and you can carry on getting summer ready!

The fact that all the ingredients in their products are natural, smell incredible and leave my skin feeling as silky soft as never before makes any pampering session into the ultimate zen-like experience! Like I said previously I have been using every opportunity to get in the bath to pamper myself with this 3 step routine simply because of how incredible my legs felt after the first use. We shouldn't have to suffer anymore than we already do in our beauty routines, nor should we feel like we have to shave our legs for anyone or anything, but I urge you to try this 3 step system for the pure pleasure of having the silkiest legs known to man! I know I keep harping on about it but that's because it's true and I want other people to have the same joy as I did upon my first experience! 

Let me know if you try it out for yourself! 

Love, Sarah

*This gift box was sent to me for the purposes of this review but all silky legged opinions my own! 

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