Finding Flattering Swimwear For Every Shape | Gaining Confidence With UK Swimwear* And Friction Free Shaving** | How I Found The Confidence To Start Exercising Again.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Finally finding a swimsuit which flatters, fits and makes you feel great can sometimes be a minefield. I know for a fact that I have tried so many different styles, shapes and designs over the years that I had almost given up hope of ever finding one which gave me the confidence to step out of the changing room and into the pool to get fit. As a woman swimsuit shopping can be as daunting as trying to find a new pair of jeans or a formal dress for an awards ceremony! Basically, any kind of clothes shopping for us can be stressful and more often than not ends up with us in tears in the changing room surrounded by a pile of clothes we've deemed unsuitable for ourselves. So when UK Swimwear got in touch and asked me to pick a style I liked on their website, I was more than a little apprehensive. But I shouldn't of worried, I was able to browse their site with ease using their filters for style, size, brand and price. Sometimes it can be tricky to find a style you like online but I found it really easy to do so on UK Swimwear's website so I can fully recommend them if you're on the lookout for your next summer swimsuit, bikini or accessory! 

UK Swimwear started in 2008, they wanted to bring variety to the world of designer swimwear, with designs from your everyday workout swimwear to high end fashion pieces. There was no place to shop for both fashion and workout bikinis so UK Swimwear wanted to bring both combined with the convenience of the internet. Their site now stocks over 50 brands from inexpensive bikinis to designers who have ergonomic and easy to move in swimsuits for athletes. Brands like Gottex offer high end fashion amongest others and they offer designs for everyone, whether that be bikinis, swimsuits, tankinis or monokinis, you're bound to find it on UK Swimwear. They also offer accessories like beach bag, kaftans and pareos. 

They are celebrating their 10th Birthday at the moment so it's the perfect time to find a flattering swimsuit for yourself with 20% off with code BIRTHDAY20. Hurry though as it ends tonight! (03/05/18).

This swimsuit honestly felt so comfortable once I had put it on, it hugged my curves and instantly flattered my figure making me feel a million dollars. I fell head over heels with the design both online and in person, the stunning peacock inspired design is reminiscent of the shamanistic traditions of the shaman's vision quests and the most spiritual and nature-honouring elements of their culture. It's more than just the visuals that we're interested in though, the plunging v-neck and the soft cups make it both flattering and comfy, a rarity to see both of these together. The Dream Catcher is a design that looks like it may have been plucked out of the 1960s, but it's much older than that, with it's roots stretching into the misty pasts of a forgotten age.

I can confirm that this gorgeous swimsuit not only gave me the confidence to step outside of the changing room and into the pool, but held me in place for the duration of my swim, at no point did I feel like I was going to suddenly flash someone accidentally when coming up for air at the end of my lengths! I am blessed with a large chest (DD+) so can sympathise with those of you also suffer with finding swimsuits and bikinis to fit and flatter without busting out or having wires digging into you. All you want when finding swimwear is one which is comfortable. doesn't rise up, covers everything and makes you feel incredible. A tough ask but one which is covered brilliantly by this particular gorgeous swimsuit from UK Swimwear, I have never felt so confident nor flattered before now and that means a lot. I am by no means at my slimmest at the moment so to be able to feel confident when trying a new exercise regime means everything to me. I can sometimes be confident with the way I look thinking that I look good and not really caring what other people think but there are times (which are becoming more frequent these days) where I just feel quite shit about my figure and how I've let myself go ever since I moved to Harrogate for work. So it's a big thing for me to put on a swimsuit and head down to the pool to try and get in some much needed exercise. Thankfully I can rest assured that with this Gottex Dream Catcher Swimsuit I can strut confidently from changing room to pool!

Another product which has been helping me regain confidence in the pool has been my trusty Rose razor from Friction Free Shaving and their 3 step pampering package. It has been key in helping me feel ready to bare my body in my swimsuit and help me feel confident in the pool. Of course you don't need to shave at all, in fact previously I have gone hairy as and it hasn't made any difference whatsoever, but what I'm getting at here is confidence. That sneaky little feeling which can either make us or break us, that niggily feeling which can be easily broken by an offhand remark or lifted by a simple compliment. 

I like to feel confident, especially as I am trying to start a new exercise to help me get fit. If you've read my previous Friction Free Shaving posts you'll know just how much I love them and how soft these products make my legs, so I want this to continue into the pool. If you're not feeling so confident to begin with when starting out with exercise, you're going to do anything possible to ensure that you feel on top of the world when starting out and if shaving before swimming does that for you then I urge you try out Friction Free Shaving's razors and 3 step products. I know for me that stepping into the pool with freshly shaved legs just makes me smile a bit more, helps me to forget about everyone else and also encourages me to work a little harder. It's not much but it's the little things we do each day which can have the greatest impact on our self-worth, self-esteem and overall happiness. They are most important when we're trying to improve ourselves, not for anyone else's benefit but more for our own state of mind. I know that when I go for a run I can forget about whatever's been stressing me out and just focus solely on putting one foot in front of the other. The same goes for swimming, I just continue to do one stroke at a time until I reach the end, then repeat until I feel I've done enough.

I'm not saying that this swimsuit and shaving combination will magically give you all confidence to bare all down the beach, but what I am saying is that if you feel good you'll do good. You're more likely to want to exercise because you have the right equipment to be able to do so. Which is all we want anyway isn't it? Maximum benefits for minimum effort. Well, I do anyway! 

Love, Sarah

*Swimsuit kindly gifted by UK Swimwear. All pictures and words my own. 
** Fiction Free Shaving Kit also a gifted item but all words and pictures my own.

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