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Friday, 4 May 2018


Jessops has officially reopened in Leeds on Friday 27th April to reveal a colourful and creative new retail environment. Inside, customers will discover that fewer camera displays now make way for exciting new photo printing creativity corners. What’s more, a team of ‘photosmiths’ will be on hand to help everyone get the most out of their photos, offering expert advice on how to see them free. What is the photo revolution? Jessops has seen a huge rise in the number of photos that are being taken by customers both on cameras and on phones that are at risk of being lost in the virtual universe. With over 1 trillion pictures being taken each year, the demand for printing is at an all-time high. 

Last week I went along to check out their new concept store in Leeds and to say I was excited was an understatement! I had seen other bloggers setting their own photos free so I couldn't wait to do the same for mine! I have loads of photos from my travels in Australia, photos from various photoshoots I've had with Laura and Kaye and of course various other photos I've accumulated during my time as a blogger! We were kindly gifted a shuffleboard to showcase 13 photos, let me tell you it was a tough choice trying to narrow it down to just 13!

Top row right to left: 

- Sunset aboard the Solaway Lass in the Whitsundays, Australia.
- On a ranch in Queensland, Australia, with one of the young fillies I trained on the day she left for her new home. 
- On my sister's wedding day where I was bridesmaid
- In Darwin, Australia with more horses! 

Middle photo:

- Great Ocean Road, Australia at the 12 Apostles 

Left column going down: 

- Edinburgh Castle in the sunshine
- A photoshoot with Kaye Ford in London
- Another sunset in Australia

Bottom row: 

- A group picture from Byron Bay, Australia when we walked/climbed upto the lighthouse! 
- A black and white photo from the time my sister and I went to see STOMP in London! 
- In the Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney, Australia. 

Right column going down: 

- My sister's dog, Pickles! 
- Liverpool's Liver Building

I hope you could follow that! I'm sure you can put the description to the photos if not! Like I said I have so many more photos that need to be set free I feel I'll be making many more trips to Jessops from now on!

The Jessops photo revolution is about encouraging customers to set their photos free by taking their images off their phones, memory cards or even social timelines and sharing them with friends and family through gifting or creating something beautiful and different for their homes. The new Jessops store in Leeds is a playground for those who are looking for inspiration, ideas, expert advice and hands-on help to find the perfect way to show off their photos. From being able to print directly from your mobile phones, to showcasing your photos creatively on blankets, cushions, scrapbooks, photo albums, unique framing and much, much more.

The Jessops ‘Photosmiths’, fully trained in store experts, are there ready and waiting to give customers one-to-one guidance on how to create works of art. You can even hand your project over to one of the team who will help you create whilst you test out the latest cameras. Scott Worger, Retail Director of Jessops says: “More than 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram each day, yet we keep forgetting to print them. Our Leeds store is now essentially be ‘split’ into two; half will feature interactive displays of the hardware offering one might expect from Jessops and the other will focus on gifting and printing. For many, one of the most thoughtful and sentimental gifts you can receive is a favourite photo presented beautifully in a frame. It is this idea that lies at the very heart of our new store concept. 

I must say here that all of the 'photosmiths' at this Leeds store were extremely helpful when we were all trying to do our own shuffleboards and print off some extra photos. They couldn't have done more and their manner was so polite it was a real joy to start sorting out my photos! I urge you to go down and have a chat with them if you're thinking about setting some of your own photos free.

We are incredibly excited about the reopening.” The new shop in Leeds offers a huge range of products; from quirky colourful frames and smartlooking albums to a fun selection of personalised gifts that you can, quite literally, print your face on. The focus is on artistic fun with photos. Half of the original camera displays will now make way for printing stations and a host of creative photo and gifting ideas. “Whether you are looking for the latest DSLR camera or a gift under £10, our team of expert and friendly staff are on hand to help,” says Scott Worger. New to Jessops in Leeds: -

 A lighter, brighter and more inspiring atmosphere with areas to kick back and relax whilst you get creative with your photos - A variety of gift ideas that can be personalised with your photos, from cushions and canvases to make-up bags, notebooks, aprons and puzzles. - A wide range of photobooks that you can start designing in store with the help of our team, and then finish online at home in your own time – or start at home and finish in store. - A huge selection of frames and photo albums in different shapes, colours and sizes. It’s time to set those photos free! - A range of innovative high quality photo products, such as the all new Jessops shuffleprint, available within a matter of minutes. 

I had such a great morning at this new Jessops store in Leeds, I had never really been into a Jessops store before now but I will definitely be making a beeline for them now I know how quick, easy and simple it is to print off my own photos, create new ways of displaying them and making gifts for friends and family. I just wish I had thought of doing this sooner! 

Thanks to the team at Jessops Leeds for having me and to Danielle at DMC PR for organising this event! 

Let me know if you plan to #SetYourPhotosFree too! 

Love, Sarah

*Shuffleboard kindly provided by Jessops in return for this blog post

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