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Monday, 28 May 2018

Hello there, how are you? I do hope you're well and enjoying your bank holiday weekend, I have recently had a photoshoot in the beautiful Valley Gardens and wanted to use them in a post to show them off because aren't they beautiful? I absolutely love the Valley Gardens here in Harrogate and thankfully the sun was out for our shoot making everything look gorgeous. 

So, a lot has happened over this last week, mainly the fact my parents have moved out of the family home where they have lived for 30 years and into the flat where I have been living ever since I moved to Harrogate about 19 months ago and we are now surrounded by boxes and lots and lots of stuff! Moving out was relatively easy, the moving crew we used were very efficient making little work of the big pieces of furniture which needed to come up with us. As I have never seen the house empty, it wasn't too much of a shock once this happened but I couldn't believe there would be someone else living in it and I'll never again be able to go back inside it. Times change I guess but it doesn't make it any easier! 

I also went on holiday prior to moving house and it was just lovely, a gorgeous week of wall to wall sunshine spent in a really cute cottage with my parents and their friends, I even managed to go horse riding! I absolutely loved it and already want to go back! It was just so damn good to really relax and switch off from everything (or as much as I could anyway!) I did some walking, discovered new routes and favoured ones each with their own unique qualities which made them even more special.

I love having the opportunity to travel more, being so close to a train station makes it very easy to disappear for a day or even a weekend. Exploring somewhere new makes me very happy inside and it also refreshes me, allowing me to immerse myself in a new city or town. Earlier this year I went to Liverpool which was incredible, I had never previously been so to finally have gone just makes me feel amazing. I really really loved it and am vowing to go back again before the end of the year, preferably with my parents because my Mum went to school there so I would love to show her how much it's changed! I have booked to go to Scarborough in October and Paris in November for my birthday so it's looking good on the travel front at the moment although I would dearly love to visit Prague but I doubt I'll have either the time or the money this year sadly. But it does mean that I get to go next year which is always a bonus! 

A couple of good things which have come out of moving house is that I now (finally!) have my own princess bed - it's technically a king but I just can't get enough of it and now spend more time in it/on it/generally lazing around in my bedroom because of how incredible it is! I've also found the pillow which is the best of the lot so now my bedtimes have improved significantly!

My office has now changed too, gone is the desk and chair and in their place are a sofa and TV with stand. It already feels much more chilled out and more 'me'. I have never been able to blog at a desk always preferring to sit on the sofa and write whilst watching TV! I am now going to be getting a small under the sofa desk/laptop stand which will enable me to blog how I like to and it certainly takes up much less room! 

Probably not the 'cliche' blogger look as everyone seems to be decorating their office spaces/corners of the living rooms/bedrooms with desks but it's just not me, plus the desk was really old and literally falling apart so it went to the BHF along with my old single bed! We have given a lot away to charity, including to the homeless hostel here in Harrogate which feels really good and much less like throwing things away and much more like giving them a second life. It makes choosing which mugs I no longer want for instance, much easier!

So, what's next for SunshineSarahxo? Well, I have a few reviews coming up which I hope you'll like. I'm also planning to bring back my Small Biz posts which proved to be so popular last year starting with Doris and Co whom I featured in one of my Christmas Gift Guides in December. They're an amazing British company and I am looking forward to writing up their post already.

 I am also planning to have more photoshoots now I've found a local photographer whose photos are incredible! (Check out Rosie's Instagram) She was very kind and offered me a photoshoot with her Mum (Susanne from A Yorkshire Girl) in the beautiful Valley Gardens and despite me feeling like a fat potato on the day, I like to think the photos look good! With her boyfriend, they run their own gym clothing business which I would like to feature on here too so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

In July I will be attending the wedding of my lovely friend Madeleine and I feel so honoured to have been invited to both the ceremony and the reception. I have already booked a bed at the hotel where they're staying so I just need to book my train tickets! (eepp!) I guess you could class it as travel because I have the weekend off but seeing as I'll not get any chance to explore the local area and will be leaving at checkout time, perhaps not?! Either way, it'll be good to get away from work and celebrate the wedding - I'm trying not to think about being in a room of complete strangers and how anxious I'll be feeling...! 

Before this though, is ice lolly's annual Blog At The Beach event in Leeds which I am very excited about! Having been twice already and knowing how it works I am looking forward to meeting the team again and hanging out with some awesome bloggers! It seems there are a lot of us going this year which will be good, I am hoping I'll not be as anxious at this year's event and will actually put on my brave girl pants and go talk to people! It is nerve-wracking but I always feel bad when I don't, so if you see me there please come and talk to me, let's help each other out! 

Coming up in a couple of weeks though is the re-arranged We Blog North (I was their featured content creator of the week last week, i'd love it if you could pop on over to read my interview!) and Betty's Tea Rooms event on 9th of June and I am so very excited to meet up with my friends and eat cake! If you're going, please let me know! It's always good to have events in my hometown as it's less like work and more like catching up with friends!

So, that's enough from me at the moment, if there's anything you want to ask me or would like me to write about then please let me know in the comments below! 

Love, Sarah

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