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Monday, 25 June 2018

 Home improvement is a growing trend and will continue to grow over the years to come.
However, how do you decide where to start?
There are so many choices that you can make in order to upgrade your home with various styles. The perfect way to start is to write down the colours and materials you have in your home. What ones do you like the most? What colours with those materials stand out to you?
Once you have an idea of your type of style then you need to look at the lowest point in the home. It’s always a good idea to start from bottom and work your way up.
Therefore, you are going to need to address what type of flooring you are going to get. Once that is decided you need to know how to accent your flooring with your own style.

The best and most efficient way to do this, is to start with a rug. Picking out a rug that shows off the decor of your home is essential. Usually when people walk into a home, their eyes are drawn to the corridor ahead of them. If you have a perfect rug, that starts the “Aww” or “Wow” moment as they walk in the door, then you have made the right choice. The infographic below from Land of Rugs will help you make the right choice.

They say there are many things which can make or break a room and choosing the right rug for your space could well be it! But with Land of Rugs helpful guide this needn't be an added stress when redecorating, all that's left is trying to decide which colour!! 

Love, Sarah

*Sponsored Post with Land of Rugs. 

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