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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Recently I have been discovering how to use my Lumix bridge camera with my very good friend and camera aficionado Janet. She has been teaching me the very basics, from learning what Aperture is, figuring out what the F -Stop is and how to choose the correct ISO for the shots I'm taking. It's been brilliant learning how to take my own photos, understanding what my camera does and what all the different buttons mean for all the varied shots I want as a blogger. One of the most important aspects of photography I have learnt is all about changing apertures with Lumix - up until I was told I didn't know what this was! But thanks to Janet explaining it all to me, it became clear. 

The apperture is the hole that lets the light through which is able to contract and dilate depending on the intensity of the light, if you're shooting in very bright conditions it will be a small aperture whereas if it's very dark the opposite is true, allowing as much light in as possible. The intensity of light let into the camera's aperture and to the sensor inside determines how quick or slow the shutter speed can be in order to get an even exposure. 

Apertures can also be called F-Stops and the smaller the F-Stop/Aperture number the bigger the actual aperture is! Yes this is where it begins to get complicated for someone like me! For example an F/4 aperture lets in lots of light whereas F/22 is almost pinprick sized - and this is where the wonder of shutter speed comes in, yet another feature of my Lumix I had yet to figure out!! These two are connected in that when there is lots of light coming in through the lens (so a small F-Stop) the shutter will open and shut faster - great if you're trying to capture products in a flatlay beside an window letting in lots of light! 

I know it sounds complicated and let me tell you there are times I just stare into space when trying to figure out F-Stops, Apertures and ISO's are but in reality it's easy if you just write down all the numbers on a bit of paper going from biggest - smallest (lightest - darkest) so you can get to grips with it. This tip was given to me by my wonderful friend Janet but I am yet to actually do it! 

I have found that my photography in general has improved though, being able to understand a bit more about what settings I need my Lumix to be on to take certain photos, taking a test shot, standing back and zooming in, lowering my camera and taking photos from lower down; all of these things together combine to take my photography to the next level. 

Whilst I am out and about in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales I do not forget my lessons, I try to seek out natural frames for my shots and remember to set it up correctly for the conditions and most importantly, have fun with it! It may seem daunting to try and learn yet another new thing when all you want to do is take a fancy photo and post it on Instagram, but understanding exactly what each setting does and what F-Stop you need for a particular shot will open up a whole new way to take your photos and just like mine have done, could just improve! 

With photography you are always learning, just when you think you've sussed it all out there is something else which pops up to challenge you! I am still at the beginning of my journey and I am excited to see what else I can learn - Janet is being very patient with me in her teachings which I am so grateful for! I am still after that elusive blurry background which every blogger seems to be able to capture perfectly with their Olympus Pens! I'll get there one day - in the meantime I am happy to keep on taking photos, playing with Apertures, F-Stops and ISO. 

Take a look at some of my photos below and decide for yourself if I've improved or not!

Love, Sarah

*Sponsored post with Panasonic Lumix, all words and photos bar the first one my own. Thanks to Janet for kindly allowing me the use of the first photo.

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